10 months ago

One of the best trails around, in my opinion. My girlfriend and I have been going to Beach Pond for the past 2 years, and never realized that there was a sweet trail right behind us. Embarrassing, I know, but Beach Pond is nice enough just being by the water. We typically save the hiking days for more moderate level trails, but this one was a great surprise.

It is an out-and-back trail, so I does not loop back around by the water like we were hoping, unless you want to cut through private property and link up with N. Shore Rd. Which I'd have to advise against, at least in the summer months..even though that's what we did ;P

We brought our dog, and he was loving life. Throughout the hike there are small creeks, lots of ups and downs, very cool rock structures that look like caves, and a deep valley. There is also a mailbox registry where the 2 trails meet.

Keep Beach Pond Clean! I always see trash there which makes me upset because it's one of my favorite places around here.