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25 days ago

incredible views, but there is almost no flatground the entire hike. trail isn't maintained and the entire hike is a scramble up large rocks. Still enjoyable but be sure to wear proper foot gear and go on a dry day. be alert for snakes.

The first 4 miles are all easy trail walking. You actually turn onto the Winchester Trail, which is blazed yellow. The closer to the top you get the steeper and more rocky and difficult the trail becomes. Once on the top of the ridge the yellow blazes cease but the trail turns to the left and follows the ridge out to the boulder field which overlooks Lock Haven. A great trail but would not suggest attempting in temperatures ABOVE 50 degrees as this is prime rattle snake area.

The 'loop' was very difficult to find, even with GPS. There are no trail markings, and we gave up. However, there was a nice, easy path that you can follow for about 2 miles, then turn around & backtrack.

Great for a afternoon hike. Beautiful views of the reservoir and the mountain sides.

Hiked this trail on 7/22/17. The first 5 or 6 miles, going clockwise are pretty easy. Nice open trail and easy to follow. The last few miles are difficult as you descend down to the creek. The trail just disappeared! I ended up bushwhacking down the steep hill to the creek then climbed numerous downed trees. Finally found the trail 1/2 way down the creek but it was filled with blowdowns and impassable. Spent some time just walking down the middle of the creek until I came upon the trail once again. Easy hiking from that point back down the reservoir to the parking lot.

11 months ago

The scenery was beautiful, but the bugs were really bad. The path was reasonably well maintained, but the markings near the trailhead (or at least the area where we parked) were not very clear.

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