mountain biking
26 days ago

Great single track that is well maintained. The full loop is a bit more than 20 miles not 13.8. There are some challenging rock gardens near the end by the Boy Scout camp. It may not seem like much, but with nearly 2000 feet of climbing already in, your legs are begging for mercy by the time you get to the roots and rocks of the last bit of trail. The high points are, crossing the dam in which you must put your bike on your shoulder and make your way across ankle to knee high water. Then, nearing the end you’ll run up against a challenging rock garden with massive boulders. You’ll ride from one boulder to the next to get to the finish. The trail will come out from the woods and ends at the highway. So you’ll ride down from there to the entrance of the park. I’d like to see better signs and indicators for the trails, other than that I loved it.