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#1 - Cold Run Extension Trail
Worlds End State Park
moderateYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray Star(72)
Length: 4.8 mi • Est. 2 h 38 m
Cold Run Trail is a 1.5 mile extension of the Canyon Vista Trail. Access to the Cold Run Trail is from the new Canyon Vista Trailhead on PA 154, east of the park’s campground. Follow the Canyon Vista Trail clockwise .7 of a mile climbing the mountain to the signed lower trailhead of the Cold Run Trail. The blazes of Cold Run Trail are yellow. The Cold Run Trail continues the climb easing off as it merges with an old lumber road. The road gently weaves through the forest leading the trail to the Cold Run Vista. The view is eastward looking up the Loyalsock Creek valley and PA 154. The trail enters a downhill “serpentine” after which it begins its ascent of the Cold Run watershed. Sacagawea and Tendoy waterfalls, as well as a few smaller ones, are viewed as the trail parallels the stream. The trail crosses the west branch of Cold Run just below Tecumseh Falls. Continuing to climb the trail passes Aliquippa Falls just before it crosses the main branch of Cold Run. The trail once again passes Aliquippa Falls before ascending Aliquippa Rock which offers a view of Cold Run Falls. Leaving the rock the trail climbs, crosses the east branch of Cold Run, then levels off at .9 of a mile in a hemlock grove. The trail reaches the main branch of Cold Run, follows it downstream, crosses the stream, then arrives at Cold Run Falls. The trail turns away from the falls into a beech forest. Shortly the trail begins a descent of the west branch of Cold Run along various small cascades. The trail crosses the stream, twists through some rocks, follows a skid road before joining a wider lumber road. After the road levels out the trail veers left, passes Flynn Spring, then begins a climb up the hillside to an escarpment. The trail ventures through the rocks, through crevasses and even under Boulder Arch, a truck size slanted rock. The climb continues until leveling off in a young beech forest. The hike is gentle through the woods until it descends the escarpment then hugs the base of the rock. Another crevasse is encountered utilizing a few rock steps to enter the chasm. After the passage the trail suddenly arrives in a large “room” of ferns surrounded by separate sections of the escarpment. The trail abruptly ends at its upper trailhead intersection with the Canyon Vista Trail. The waterfalls on Cold Run Trail are best viewed during snow melt in the spring or within a few days after a significant rainfall. As with any trail in the winter, ice cleats are strongly recommended. Due to the areas fragile ecology please stay on the trail. Please respect the solitude and be mindful of other hikers.Show more
#2 - Butternut Trail
Worlds End State Park
moderateYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray StarGray Star(82)
Length: 2.1 mi • Est. 51 m
Users recommend doing this hike counter clockwise.Show more
#3 - High Rock Trail
Worlds End State Park
moderateYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray Star(66)
Length: 1.3 mi • Est. 47 m
#4 - East Branch Trail
Worlds End State Park
easyYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray Star(9)
Length: 2.3 mi • Est. 1 h 11 m
The East Branch Trail (EBT) begins at the confluence of the east and west branches of Double Run at an old narrow gauge railroad bed. Access is to the EBT is from the Double Run Nature Trail (DRNT) trailhead parking lot. From the trailhead follow the DRNT green blazes .25 mile, crossing the east branch of Double Run. DRNT becomes a loop trail, turn right. The EBT begins shortly on the left (at this point the DRNT is concurrent with the Loyalsock Trail (mile 44.6) and the Link Trail). The EBT is yellow blazed and starts out following the west branch of Double Run. Several waterfalls can be seen to the right of the trail. The trail bears left onto an old road. To the right one can cross the west branch and connect immediately to the DRNT and the Loyalsock Trail (44.7). After the last view up the west branch gorge the trail bends left and climbs steeply on the old road. At the top of the short hill (.2) the DRNT loop is crossed. At this point the trail leaves the west branch watershed and begins its ascent up the east branch watershed. The trail continues on the old road briefly descending to a stream (.3). Waterfalls are below and above the trail, many out of sight. The road gently winds through the forest with the sound of the creek nearby. The forest is mostly maple, cherry, birch, and beech. In all seasons the forest floor is green, being generously covered with evergreen ferns. Rock outcrops are to the right on the hillside. When the east branch comes into view it is possible to see the switchbacks of a lumber railroad on the opposite bank. A short time later, between two large hemlocks (.6) a seasonal trail used for a trail race descends over to a pigtail of one of the railroad’s switchbacks. Following that route quickly reaches the Link Trail. One can descend the east branch back to the trailhead or follow the Link Trail to the Canyon Vista. The EBT continues on the old road. Views of the east branch are frequent until the trail drifts away into the forest, however the trail remains parallel to the stream. After a short steep hill the trail eases and ends at a stream crossing and the Loyalsock Trail (mile 40.8). The road the trail has been following continues unblazed to the Loyalsock State Forest Bridle Trail. To the right the Loyalsock Trail leads to Worlds End Road. To the left the Loyalsock Trail crosses the east branch of Double Run, goes by the rusty Mineral Springs then crosses Mineral Springs Road. Beautiful Neeneha Falls can be seen from the road. One can turn left on the road, follow to the Link Trail, then descend the east branch back to the trailhead. Following the Loyalsock Trail up along the falls one can continue 1.7 miles to Canyon Vista.Show more
#5 - Red Pine Trail
Worlds End State Park
easyYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarYellow StarGray StarGray Star(1)
Length: 0.4 mi • Est. 19 m
The Red Pine Trail is named for the Red Pines that once were found in this area. After being harvested the trees were transported through what is now Worlds End State Park. Access to the trail is via the Butternut Trail which starts near the bridge to the park’s cabin area. Though a simple short trail at .4 mile the trail opens up a vast amount of hiking opportunities. The trail seemingly penetrates a green tunnel under the trees’ thick canopy in the summer, when the leaves are not present views of Loyalsock Creek and surrounding mountains are plentiful through the naked forest. The trail begins at its junction with the Butternut Trail. The trail climbs steeply on an old road through a beech and birch dominated forest. At .1 mile the trail makes a u-turn to the left as the climb eases some. At .24 mile the climb eases comfortably. Though still dominated by the beech and birch, maples can be found as well as a few Mountain Laurels. The trail ends at Loyalsock Road with no trail signs. One can continue to the right on the lightly traveled Loyalsock Road less than a mile to the Loyalsock Trail. Turn right on the trail and it is to 1.4 miles to Alpine Falls. Or, instead, go left on Loyalsock Road about 1.5 miles to the Loyalsock Trail and turn left. It is 1.65 miles to the park office, or, at 1.28 miles one can turn left onto the unnamed yellow blaze trail which leads back to the Butternut Trail.Show more