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Worlds End State Park is in a narrow S-shaped valley of the Loyalsock Creek just south of Forksville, Sullivan County. Loyalsock Canyon Vista, reached via Mineral Spring and Cold Run roads, provides outstanding views, especially during fall foliage.

on Link Trail

12 days ago

The whole Link trail is 7 miles one way, ending near Shanersburg road on rt 154 about 4 miles from the beginning of the trail, or at 14 mile out and back. Lot of different terrain.

I did this trail solo in three days...cut five miles off at the end by skipping world's end because I injured my knee on mile four.

This trail does not follow a Ridgeline, it cuts across many ridge lines so you are constantly either descending or ascending. The terrain was pretty challenging as well. I do remember it was very beautiful but I would never hike this in its entirety again (but maybe that's more because Im more of a day tripper)

Good hike but was HARD!

A lot of marks of trails
No people on trails, I walked 12 miles from 10 am till 2pm : haven't seen anyone.
Good picnic area by parks office
Paths are no good, sometimes totally messed, full of mud
Kinda same thing all the way: forest, forest , forest. Not many things to see.
PS must stopped at knob scenic area ( about 4 miles if you turn from worlds end drive- like 10-15 min driving from park office).
PS2 : check map before starting, AllTrails map are not accurate in names -real 'worlds end trail' are not like in app. Also no cellphone service at the park.

22 days ago

This trail has everything an experienced backpacker would enjoy! From the views to the waterfalls and all the bird songs to keep the morale up along the way. It's one of PA finest trails around.

1 month ago

should be level hard. but worth the hike. save some time and stay next to the creek.

2 months ago

Did the trail about a month ago. The trail book is a big help, but you will not have to worry a bit about lack of blazing. The mileage on the blazing isn't always correct, but it's forgivable. Campsites are plentiful and some can support 3-4 tents. Water is also plentiful. It's a tough trail with more than a few hard sections. All in all, it's more than worth it.

3 months ago

3 months ago

Excellent place for backpacking! Absolutely gorgeous forest.

6 months ago

Who writes the descriptions of these trails? Loyalsock is a 59.2 mile trail, point to point. There is a loop option that is 22.9 miles. I have done the entire loop and about 15-20 miles of the thru hike on top of that, spent 6 nights and 7 days exploring the trail. It's absolutely gorgeous. They have so many primitive campsite setups with awesome fire pits and seats made out of rocks or stones.

So many different terrains it's unbelievable. Waterfalls, rivers, ponds, mossy areas, piney areas! This hike will kick your ass and take your breath away. Probably one of the best, most challenging options in the entire tri-state area. I would have gone crazy this summer had I not found this hike, as I am from the Canadian Rockies, and really missed the satisfaction of conquering mountains, and solitude the forest offers.

Beautiful fall hike. A good mix of flat and uphill terrain without being too exhausting. Gorgeous view from the top.