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Worlds End State Park is in a narrow S-shaped valley of the Loyalsock Creek just south of Forksville, Sullivan County. Loyalsock Canyon Vista, reached via Mineral Spring and Cold Run roads, provides outstanding views, especially during fall foliage.

Short steep climbs with level grades in between. We did this as an overnight with a side trip into Ketchum Run Gorge, which I highly recommend. There is a west facing campsite at the edge of the gorge that the trail passes by. If you want to be treated to an amazing sunset, camp here. You can also hike down into the gorge. There is a small waterfall there. Very nice outing.

beautiful country

8 days ago

forksville general store! always have good finds at a general store.

I did the entire loop starting on the Fern Rock Trail and then bushwacking down the gorge until I reached the LT which led me to Worlds End Rd. Then followed the blue/red trail to High Knob Rd parking lot. Probably about 7 miles total. Trail was super icy and snowy, so I would highly recommend not doing this hike in the winter unless you have proper footwear. The gorge is beautiful and I passed lots of waterfalls and cascades. I would love to return in the summer. Didn't pass a single soul the entire time. 5 hours of hiking in all.

1 month ago

challenging hike uphill and down. hidden waterfall if you listen closely. beautiful vistas and scenery along the way.

Beautiful day, had the trail to myself all day. The rocks looked a little intimidating shortly after passing Double Run, but really turned out to be no big deal. The view at the top is worth it, and hiking down via the Loyalsock Link Trail was a perfect way to end the day.

2 months ago

Went there in the beginning of November. Stayed at Worlds End Family Campground and hiked right off our site. Wound up being about 4 miles, and some parts were very steep, but it was well worth the view! Be sure to check out the rock garden to the right of the view- there’s one behind the parking lot as well.

Definitely worth the hike out...followed LT from road...wet trail in spots then to Blue Dot Trail to the Falls....did in and out trail was marked good and Blue Dot picks up Blue with X...I hiked back the LT back where I started.

steep first then long rd.

3 months ago

The hike starts out leisurely, but once you cross the small stream the serious uphill begins. The trail becomes quite rocky in places, with some big boulders thrown in as a challenge. Do the loop counter clockwise - I'd rather scramble up rocks than down them. The view from the vista point is rewarding. The hike is short, with enough uphill to get the heart thumping and a good view. I found it delightful!

Parked at family campground so hike ended up being 4 miles. Can be steep in some parts but I enjoyed the many switchbacks and rocky terrain. Can be wet and muddy in some areas after rain because of the streams that run down the mountain.

4 months ago

Incredible trail with varying difficulties all throughout. 9/17 - 9/22 with a day break at World's End SP. I wished I didn't take a break since I did it by myself, I felt like I was just wasting time at World's End. I wouldn't trust mile markers. After a while I just assumed that I was at least an eighth or a quarter mile behind what the mile marker said. Great shoes and poles are a must! There were handful of muddy trails that made me wish I had hiking boots instead of trail runners. Many primitive camp site options every 5 to 10 miles. I stayed at all the potential campsites mentioned in the trail guide book and they were all excellent with fire rings and close proximity to water source. So many breathtaking vistas! I can't wait to go back to see all the beautiful parts of the trail and fully enjoy it. If you are starting from western end, you can leave your car/gear at Little bear creek road lot. Walk 1.5 miles to the trail head, and do the most difficult part of the trail without your gear as you'll pass the parking lot after about 4 miles in the trail. I highly encourage doing this as the first few miles will absolutely kick your butt. With AT&T I had spotty signals for first day or two then absolutely nothing until I was about 4~5 miles from finish. At World's End they have a public phone that you can either make collect call (landline only no cell#) or use calling card. At ranger station, the lady was nice enough to let me use the office phone to let my wife know that I was doing ok. Be prepared! and enjoy!

Great little hike. The vista is a little hard to see mid-season when everything is overgrown

Well marked trail. Little over crowded at times. Vista is nice but it was overcrowded because you can drive to it

5 months ago

Great hike, first time for my children ages 6-15. Rock garden on top makes it worthwhile and the trail along the creek for some rock hopping at the end was very enjoyable. Just enough up/down and gradual terrain to allow us to move at a consistent pace.

5 months ago

I have hiked 2 sections of this incredible trail. This trail offers the challenge of everything you would hope and more. It will kick your ass and offer tranquility. The ridges are beautiful, the vistas are breathtaking, tons of water spots to cool off and recharge, the pinnacles are so very different atop each mountain. I love this area and it is a gem in PA. Be sure to wear great socks and boots, the trail is at times rocky and very slippery.

6 months ago

Definitely not an easy trail depending on your experience. This was more like moderate trail for my family. We were advised to take the Upper Rd to go up and Lower to come down. Glad we did. Just slow and steady with lots of water to get to the Vista and slow and careful for the various terrains for the descent. We enjoyed this hike.

We've stumbled across the trail before and weren't sure if it was worth it. After reading the reviews here we decided to give it a try. It was definitely worth it for our family which includes 2 adults and 2 teens. Harder than we expected going in and can be tough for some coming out on a decline. We did the in and out trail which was well marked. We walked past the Spring Window to go down the trail in order to get into the falls. Ate our lunches there then headed back out. Overall, we all liked it and would do it again - at some point.

Great PA woodland hike. Great overlook and lots of varied wildlife. Trail can be steep in places.

6 months ago

Excellent backpacking trail. Completed the entire trail in five days, with one those days used to rest in Worlds End SP. Saw a lot of wildlife including black bear and timber rattlesnakes. Many great overlooks and is a great cross section of a Pennsylvania back country forest.
I have day hiked many portions of the trail several times. The section from below High Knob into Worlds End SP is good as well as challenging.
Recommend doing the whole thing if you get a chance. West to east.

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