Loads of wildlife and flowers, smell of honeysuckle strong now. I’ve been main trail plenty of times but took the east shore trail today , well worth it. Much fewer people, tons of wildlife; trail was easy albeit a tad mushy in places

Loved it!!! Birds, turtles and frogs!

A good nature walk. The terrain is fairly flat with abundant wildlife and vegetation. The main trail is asphalt covered. The trail would be perfect for someone with mobility issues

Really nice trail, easy to walk on, not too crowded!

Surprisingly a great place to go to see tons of wildlife. Well maintained trails, easy walk.

Just a great trail for all seasons. On a cold day (38 degrees) we saw deer, a woodpecker, a titmouse, several redwing blackbirds, Carolina wrens, cardinals; truly an amazing display of wildlife. Do yourself a favor and break from the paved trails. Take the rough route. It’s worth it!

cool place to see some birds and a little wild life right in the city not to bad

Beautiful scenery and great paths to run on. Can’t wait to see it in the spring/summer.

Absolutely beautiful and amazing. Walking the trails, bird watching or fishing.

Been here multiple times and it never disappoints. A 3 mile loop and the scenery is different the whole way around. Beautiful park and friendly people. Wildlife is small and easy to spot. Took my pup here a few times, she loved it, access to trash cans and poop stations. There could be more poop stations, but it’s still nice. They even have dog water bowls attached to the water fountains.

Nice easy loop, lots of nice people and dogs!

Simple, easy trail for walking, hiking, or biking. Pretty but the proximity to I81 takes away from the natural environment.

Appreciative of this park. Very good for kids & pets. Fun and the boardwalk is really neat. Not very challenging, I do like that it's a nice option close to the city. Road noise is very evident.

Easy relaxing walk right in Harrisburg

Pleasant park close to the city - nice 3 mile loop trail for a quick after work exercise

A very easy well maintained trail system, doggable, strollerable

Love, love this place. I come here to run, walk my dog, get lost in nature photography.

Great is the wildlife. Bad is the Pokemon Go Oddballs

Nice wooded trail around the lake that is very close to the city. Has 3 nice off road trial that go thru the woods. Also a Nature Center with activities for kids. Also lots of wildlife to spot... frogs, turtles, ducks, snakes, little furry critters, lots of kinds of birds, I've seen deer on the path if you walk it during dusk, and they say that sometimes bears come there, but I've never seen any!

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