The gift of veterinarian Dr. Mead Shaffer, the 343-acre Varden Conservation Area is in Wayne County. This magnanimous gift of land is a pristine area in a once-remote section of the state that now is beginning to feel the pressure of development. It will be protected and used for future generations as a respite from daily life, and a place to learn about our wonderful natural history. The property will be managed through Promised Land State Park, Pike County. Once access points and parking become available, the land will be available to the public for environmental education, hiking, bird watching, hunting and other passive outdoor recreation. "Environmental education always has been a primary concern of mine. I trust this land will allow present and future generations to observe and study the diverse ecology found in the Varden Conservation Area." - Dr. Shaffer

I’m a beginner and this was perfect to start on.

Took the trail with my dog have been there several times.Not the trail with pond.About a month ago. Huge Skeeters dive bombing my head. We got deep into woods and surprised a Coyote scared the crap outta me. I scared him off with stick but it followed us all the way out to parking lot. If you go be careful may have pups.The pine forest is cool. Saw alot of unusual tree breaks and bends. May be a Squatch area. Enjoy

9 months ago

Did the Tannery Tract portion. There is a pond, creek, forest with large boulders, the remains of a old farm and estate. I also followed the power lines to the top which leads to more open fields and more trails. The grounds are absolutely beautiful and there's a large array of wildlife to be seen! I saw a turtle, a red tail hawk, deer, turkey and a beaver all on one trip.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

444-acres ofTrails,Fishing, Hiking,and Biking

4 months ago