Not a fan, broken glass everywhere, unsafe for my dog and people in general.

This was a very nice little hike. HOWEVER, the map depiction of the route (assuming you go counter-clockwise off the Perkiomen Trail and up/over the summit) is very wrong when you get to the bottom of the hill and encounter the dirt road. The map indicates you should go left (sort of west/northwest) and downslope along a dirt road that will eventually bring you back onto the Perkiomen Trail. NOT SO! From where the downhill trail off the hill hits the dirt road, go right until you enter the clearing for the ski slope and then just follow the track down to the lodge and get on the paved road (going left) to get back to the bridge and rejoin the Perkiomen Trail.

Any attempt to follow the route indicated on the map leads you back up the side of the hill and would then involve serious bushwhacking to get down to the Perkiomen Trail.

I just started using Alltrails and I found this hike on it just a few miles from my house. This was a fun hike. I parked in the Spring Mount lot near the Perkiomen Trail and proceeded up the path next to the ski lifts. Coming down on the back trail was interesting. I want to do this trail again going the other way. Either direction, I will be back!

This was a nice hike. There is a paved path along the water for a leisurely walk or you can go on the dirt path that will take you up the mountain to reach the old ski lifts. The dirt path is pretty well traveled and easy to follow but is very rocky and relatively steep at some small portions so hiking boots are recommended. Also there is an impressive course for bikes sets up near the old ski lifts through the rocks, but only for experienced bikers.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This trail was AWESOME!!! So many cool things to look at. The lower half of the trail is Spring Mts Halloween attraction so walking through all of the displays off season is a little creepy but cool. Looks like it would be crazy hard/fun for a mountain biker as there's tons of bridges and jumps set up. You can also see all of the treetop canopy zip line obstacle course.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

420ft, nice, time for a puff

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