Photos of Tuscarora State Forest Nature Trips Trails

This is a two part review.
The first part of the trail was from Flat Rock to Waggoners Gap. The trail was rugged and extremely rocky with numerous hills to ascend. Hiked this section on May 4,2018. A gallon of water was not nearly enough to carry, even with the fullest effort to conserve. Hiked all day and only made it about 14 miles before running out of light. With that being noted, we abandoned all hope to proceed and ended the journey at Waggoners Gap.
Just returned from the second leg of the journey (January 12,2019), which began where we left off at Waggoners Gap. This section of the trail was rocky, however, not nearly as the first trek. This section of the trail was MUCH easier, with numerous ascents and descents, though the trail seemed well “manicured “. During this trip, we hiked a continuous 15 miles, following the Tuscarora Trail into the AT at Miller’s Gap. As stated previously, this section of the Tuscarora Trail was ridiculously easier than the first section, and I feel somewhat upset about it. In all, we began this leg at 0545 and ended at 1600, well before running out of light.
In conclusion, the first leg from Flat Rock to Waggoner’s Gap is sheer, unforgiving Hell, while the second leg from Waggoner’s Gap to Miller’s Gap is more like walking a well maintained powderpuff trail.