Loved it beautiful place..

23 days ago

Some trails are about the destination, this one is about the journey. Go here if you are looking for tranquility and beauty. While it was the easiest and quicket hike I have done so far, it was also one of the most magical (and fun!) I went when there was autumn foliage and watching the leaves float in the sky was pretty surreal.

Would I go back again? No, solely because it is a nature preservation site, so I do not want to further contribute to the foot traffic. But I am glad I went once and I am very happy I have pictures to remember this trip.

Gorgeous trail. Not suitable for small kids or elderly folks who may have trouble with walking on loose rock or climbing up large clumps of rock.

Top of the creek is easy. it gets more difficult yet much more scenic towards the bottom.

I did this hike with a section of the Conestoga Trail to the Pinnacle. It is a pleasant and very scenic trail with a couple of short steep climbs on the Conestoga Trail.

Went with 10 children between 6 and 10 years old. It was an awesome adventure. Next time we would have had the children walk down the whole creek one way and walk out the other. Just a great place. Parking was very hard to come by and seems that the neighbors really are annoyed by the hikers not always being considerate. I hope to come back to the place many more times.

Best place I have ever hiked in PA