Wet rocks and leaves made it a little sketchy. But worth it! A lot of recent rain had the tiny creek roaring! Beautiful !

This place is fantastic, but a word to the wise--the initial bridge to the Blue Trail (the "moderate" one) is gone. I'm not sure why. This means that the only good way to get to the moderate trail is to start on the difficult Yellow Trail and walk/slide across one of the fallen log bridges. It's fun, but NOT easy, and I would not recommend taking small children until Spring 2019 or whenever they reinstate the bridge.

Love this trail. Lots of different terrain, different scenery, and mostly shaded, all for a relatively short hike. Last time, brought guests, and was turned away by a ranger since parking was an issue. Be prepared for some wet/slippery sections when you choose your footwear. Some people wear flip-flops and crocs everywhere, I guess.

Will go again and finish the loop. I took my two year old and golden doodle which was over ambitious considering the conditions. Next time I will just take my toddler and focus on her. The rocky and steep conditions can make it hard to watch a toddler and dog at once with numerous people around. Parking is scarce, so get there early or later in the day. Beautiful trail and the Tacquan creek is super stellar!! Great holes for swimming too. The views are breathtaking and serene. Go see it but be aware it’s a nature preserve so leave it as you saw it upon arrival. I’ll go again but won’t make it a usual thing as nature persevere are not meant to have high foot traffic.

3 months ago

3 months ago

Great hiking fun for the whole family. Some steep parts for my 6 year old, but she was fine throughout the hike. Plenty of great scenery and falls to pause and watch throughout the hike and a lot of swimming holes for the kids to jump in and cool off. We will definitely be back for future hikes.

We hiked this today! Beautiful setting, hiking one side of creek and back the other side. We had to take our time with many rocks and roots to navigate, but that just makes it all the more fun!!

my favorite

nice trail..great pics to come

Great place to hike during the hot summer!

The trail and scenery are beautiful. I was a little taken aback by how many people there were wearing flip flops and carrying pool floaties though....I guess that's what I get for going on one of the hottest Saturdays of the year so far!

One of the best in the area!

Been going here for over a year now! It’s a blast and usually isn’t too crowded! I usually follow the yellow trail to the white trail. This trail follows beside the water and then takes you up for a decent view of the water in fall when the leaves are fewer and more colorful. The white trail will take you back to the beginning of yellow trail and parking.

Beautiful little trek down to the river and back.Theres a few different trails to take, so you can do something different each way..It trails what to me is a trout stream ..tiny waterfalls..I love taking my children. It's a mini adventure for them..There are some part of trails that are steap and at times slippery.. Overall, be going for years. And I definitely recommend checking it out!

Beautiful. However lots of fallen trees and very steep in some areas. I always fall when I come here. There are also some narrow paths near the edge of the cliff so please be careful. Downfall is there’s very little parking.

7 months ago

Been going here since I was a kid. Love the beautiful view.

One of my favorites

Tough one for small children. We had a nine year old and 11 year old along and that was about the you gest I would recommend. Lots of narrow and rocky paths. Be prepared to cross the stream on fallen trees or get your feet wet. We did both.

Great hike! Steep and rocky and beautiful plus a few trees down that you climb over. Took the yellow trail to the tracks and the blue trail back. Somewhere on the way back you should cross the creek back to the yellow blazes to get to the parking lot.

9 months ago

Beautiful and challenging. Look for the Orange Trail near the convergence at the Conestoga that leads to The Pinnacle!

our family's Lancaster County favorite

The hike to the tracks is one of my favorite places anywhere around. Also a good fishing spot

11 months ago

Beautiful views with the leaves off the trees

11 months ago


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Awesome hike. Some roots cause ankle strain. Hiked down yellow and up blue trail. Highly recommended.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

I heard of Tucquan Glen for a long time. This trail does not disappoint! It is a beautiful location. But parking is limited. I need to make sure I visit this trail during all four seasons.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Great trail. I recommend taking the yellow blaze trail in from the small parking lot across from the wood crafter's house. Parking is extremely limited so park wisely to help other hikers. Follow the yellow blazes straight through and down the steep grade to the railroad. Cross the railroad bridge and resume on the return following the blue blazes. At one point closer to the return to the parking lot consider crossing the creek and double back to the parking lot. Great views, nice little waterfalls and cool large rock formations makes this a nice quick hike. Spend maybe two hours total. It is steep and rocky in some areas so I would wear stable shoes that protect ankle from rolling. Not recommended for tennis shoes.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Loved it beautiful place..

Monday, September 25, 2017

Some trails are about the destination, this one is about the journey. Go here if you are looking for tranquility and beauty. While it was the easiest and quicket hike I have done so far, it was also one of the most magical (and fun!) I went when there was autumn foliage and watching the leaves float in the sky was pretty surreal.

Would I go back again? No, solely because it is a nature preservation site, so I do not want to further contribute to the foot traffic. But I am glad I went once and I am very happy I have pictures to remember this trip.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Gorgeous trail. Not suitable for small kids or elderly folks who may have trouble with walking on loose rock or climbing up large clumps of rock.

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