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Great trail for a fun weekend. I recommended doing this trail counter-clockwise. it is a fairly easy trail with only a couple of hill that are breath taking. the views are amazing at the vistas and you are hiking along the creeks most of the time with quite a few crossing so prepare to get a little wet at some point. campsites could use some help so if you are camping at on clean out the fire pits and set up some more rocks around the rings. hope you all enjoy!!!

this is the same as Culbertson Trail just the portion that goes along the ridge

Did this as a day hike (!) on May 5, 2018, starting in Slate Run and proceeding counterclockwise. No bears, no snakes. The only serious problem was that the last 25% of the loop, ie the lower west-to-east part shown in the map, is NOT labelled as "Black Forest Trail" but you have to follow a patchwork of trails with other names and blaze colors. I got lost and did quite a bit of backtracking, and eventually found my way to a road, and hiked the last 6 miles on roads, mostly Slate Run Road. I had planned for 22.6 miles, but in the end I covered somewhere between 27 and 30 miles -- depending whether I believe map measurements or my iphone. Quite a long day! The best parts of the trip were certainly in the first 30-40% of the loop; and also the north-south part along the western side of the loop is pleasant. (But be prepared for ~20 stream crossings!)

EDIT: I subsequently discovered a good map at the following URL. If I had had this map with me, I wouldn't have had all the trouble at the end, and wouldn't have had to hike 6 hard-slogging miles down Slate Hill Road. Here's the URL:

Trail head is 0.2 miles before where it shows on gps. No parking lot, have to park on the shoulder. Follow yellow rectangle and watch for an unexpected split to the right, marked by a double rectangle. If you reach another road you want too far. My gps was showing me about 250 ft west of trail the whole time. Be prepared for a sustained steep climb.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Nice rugged trail for well ridden mt bikers, beginners need not apply.

2 months ago

well maintained trail through some beautiful Pa hills

on Pine Creek Trail

mountain biking
5 months ago

Always a great ride. Easy access. Exercise or tour with a friend.

I hiked this trail, starting at the parking lot just off Route 44, and walked clockwise. About 1/2 mile in is a swamp/bog area. Very wet!! The entire trail is blazed Blue and marked really well...except for the lower end of Schoolhouse Hollow, after you cross over Route 44. The blazes just stop so follow the dry creek bed down and you will pick the blazes back up. All in all a great hike but would not recommend doing this in the late Spring or summer as the Raspberry/Blackberry bushes would be extremely thick. About 1 mile before reaching the parking lot you will encounter another swamp/bog,

7 months ago

Awesome trail! Two solid days of hiking given the elevation and terrain. Plenty of good camping spots along the way.

Possibly my favorite feature of this hike is the hotel + restaurant + bar almost exactly at the half way point in Slate Run. We stopped off for a beer and hearty meal for lunch and it couldn't have worked out better.

We'll definitely do it again.

breath taking

This was by far the most difficult trail I have done to date! The climbs are outrageous but the reward is great views for sure! Only came across 1 rattle snake...a Black Timer Rattler...let us pass right by and never even buzzed. Started the trail, from Slate Run, and went clockwise but do to injury had to cut day 2 short. Water was in great supply.

We attempted to ride the entire length of the trail while bicycle camping along the way. A damaged bike kept us from getting further than Blackwell, PA (starting at the trailhead near Wellsboro, PA), but that portion that we hit through the Natural Area of the "canyon" was great.
We stayed overnight at a camping area at the old CCC town of Tiadagton. Eagles, black bear, ducks, geese, white tailed deer and timber rattlesnakes were seen in plenty. The middle of the Natural Area did not see much in the way of other campers or even bikers during the two weekend August days that we were base camped there. The star gazing was awesome and the night sounds of the old town site kept us wondering since we were the only people camped there.
The town of Blackwell has a general store that should be a standard stop on the trail.
The ride was very easy as the trail is the best Rail Trail that I have ever ridden. And I have ridden on many. I would suggest this trail to anyone looking for a day trip up to a multi night adventure. Caution should be exercised with the numerous bears (storing food stuffs) and the number of rattlesnakes trail side.
This is one of PA Wilds best hidden gems.

Kind of the same thing the entire way, no views. But its out there. Lots of bugs, recommend pants. Easy trail like it states, not very much elevation gain or loss at all.

10 months ago

Would love to know where the other reviewer went in. The directions take you to someone's home address and no trail head within 5 miles is marked.

11 months ago

Great hike difficult at times a lot of stream crossings

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Definitely a challenging trail but well worth it! Gorgeous scenery and wildlife. 1 bear siting and multiple rattlesnakes. Unfortunately it was very dry over Labor Day but still could find ample water when needed. 42.5 miles in just over 72 hours.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

so many beautiful vistas that are well worth the effort

road biking
Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Beautiful woodsy scenery, easy flat ride from Jersey Shore to Waterville access area. Looking forward to using the rest of the trail.

road biking
Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This is a relatively easy rail trail, mild grade heading north, downhill in the other direction. A complete down and back is about 100 miles.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Did this hike over Memorial Day weekend. We did 3 nights and 4 days start at sunrise Friday morning.

We opted to take the Sentiero Di Shay High Water route from Mile 14-19 of the BFT map. Total trip was 39 miles vs the 42.

We had a great time. Very challenging, but worth every step. Great views and great camping. IT was hot, but there was plenty of water on the trail.

We saw 1 bear and heard another, so bear bags are a must. Our group didn't see any rattles snakes, but heard from others that there were a few sightings.

Highly recommend this trail to anyone with experience.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easy trail, brought my dog and let him off leash. You can park at the top of the mountain and it's right there past a game lands gate. It was "closed" the day I went but no one bothered my dog and I.

Sunday, December 06, 2015

My most recent hike of this awesome trail was Memorial Day weekend in 2015 with my son and one of his friends. I hiked it many years ago in rain, fog, and drizzle but this time the weather could not have been better! The 42 mile loop makes logistics easy and it can be completed in 3 days (2 nights) if you are reasonably fit. In my opinion this is the best backpacking experience you can find in Pennsylvania. There are some sizable climbs but many awesome vistas. There are tons of great campsites, plenty of water, and the thing I find most appealing is the sense of wilderness you feel. There are only a handful of road crossings and not too many signs of civilization. We treated ourselves to an excellent dinner on the deck at the Hotel Manor in Slate Run (the trail goes right by it). I highly recommend stopping for a beer and some real food!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sadly went after heavy rainfall and lots of the trail was washed out and very wet. Lots of overgrown areas but all in all a great trip. Steep elevation climbs, but rewarded with multiple vistas and great views. Saw a few rattlesnakes but no bears. The manor hotel was a great stop for lunch and a celebratory beer afterwards. Would do it again!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Hiked the Black Forest Trail in 3 days over Labor Day. The trail was in good shape and was well marked. A lot of up and downs but the vista's are worth of the effort. My favorite was the vista on top of Hemlock Mtn. You will find plenty of camping sites and water sources. We also saw 2 rattle snakes on the trail. So make sure you listening for the infamous "rattle" sound.

Highly recommend stopping at Wolfes General store for a post-hike hoagie! They stop serving at 6 PM so you better wake up early on the last day

We hiked the trail counter clock wise and started at the trail head and headed towards Manor Hotel. The trail map and guide were purchased at the Pittsburgh REI. It can also be purchased online at pinecrk.com. Must Have!

Monday, August 17, 2015

My first ever Backpacking Experience. We joined the Crazee Monkee Meet-Up for a trip that started on Saturday 9:00 am and ended Sunday 4:00 pm. We started from the Blackberry Trail to Marker #17 and ended back at 0-Zero, BFT Re-route.. As some reviews have shared on here, this is not for the faint of heart. Will I do it again? Yes, I will. The trail is well-maintained and marked. The steep elevation changes in short distances was brutal. When you're going up, you are going up indeed. When going down, your toes will jam the front of your boot. We passed a rattle snake that was rattling at us but saw no bears. Lots of mosquitoes in some areas. The vistas were beautiful, but what took my breath away are streams esp. how the sun filtered through the leaves of the trees. I only brought one pole, and that was a mistake. There are areas that despite excellent shoes, the ground was eroded, there was hardly anything to grip. You do have to be in good physical condition regardless of the length of your trek.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sadly went after heavy rainfall and lots of the trail was washed out and very wet. Lots of overgrown areas but all in all a great trip. Steep elevation climbs, but rewarded with multiple vistas and great views. Saw a few rattlesnakes but no bears. The manor hotel was a great stop for lunch and a celebratory beer afterwards. Would do it again!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Hiked 23 miles on this trail in one day. Was great. Rained for the first 3 hours but then was a beautiful day after. Really enjoyed the solitude. Saw several eagles and deer and a few other animals. Went up the turkey path on the Leonard Harrison side. Adds a little bit of uphill to an otherwise flat hike.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Did this 42 mile loop, mostly day-hiking, but backpacked with my grandson from the main trailhead on Slate Run Road to Naval Run back in 2008. Had two encounters with rattlesnakes, one about three feet from my face while climbing out of Slate Run valley. The most picturesque section is in the Red Run valley between Little Morris Run and Algerine Trail. I have scheduled an eight-mile hike with the Asaph Trail Club for Dec. 23, 2014, going from the main trailhead to Little Morris Run. Hopefully the "no-winter-maintenance" access road will be open.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Just rode a section of this near slate run,absolutely a nice scenic ride. I will go again,starting at the south end. Saw deer,chipmunks and other small animals...great trail.

mountain biking
Tuesday, September 03, 2013

This is a great trail for riders of all levels. A good track for cardio work or easy riding, also a good place to take kids riding. The one and only issue I have found is that bicycle etiquette is not followed by the locals who live along the trail, so if you are there doing cardio work you can plan on being slowed down by large groups of riders.

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