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the most beautiful and brutal backpacking trip I've done to date. counter clockwise. the first day almost broke me with the steep inclines, but they were conquered. first day. 6:30am until 4:45pm. you have the most views the first day. second day I was able to rack up the mileage due to the relative ease of the terrain. 6:30am until 4:15pm. third day had a steep climb to start the day, not too bad after that. 8am until 11:45am. gorgeous weather!

private property
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Hiked this trail on October 11-13 2019. We started at the parking lot in Ramsey and headed counter clockwise. The ascents and descents on this trail are pretty typically of most trails in this area. There were a couple of spots that the trail turns into a scramble up or down a rock slide. So some parts are a goat trail and other parts are old tram roads. The first night we camped at the top of the second descent before it goes down to Dam Run Road on the Mid State Trail. On the map it shows the trail following an old tram road. There wasn't a site here but we found a decent partially flat area that should fit two to three tents. It is right at the top as soon as you go down or come up the trail depending on the direction you are heading. There isn't any water at the site, however there was water at the bottom of the descent at Dam Run Road. That put us at roughly 6.5 miles for the day. The second night we decided to stay at the top of the descent that goes down to Pine Creek to another parking lot. This is on the Tiadaghton Trail. This time we found an old disheveled camp site. We moved the rocks that were once a fire ring off of the trail down an old tram road. There is enough room here for quite a few tents. Again there isn't any water at this site either. We did pass a water source about a mile before we got to this spot. It look like it was a seasonal source of water however. The Tiadaghton Trail had more water sources than the other trails as I recall. This put us at roughly 9 miles the second day. With only 7.5 miles to go the third day. Some notes to help others. There is very little flat hiking on this trail. If you want a good rigorous hike then this is the trail. We had water spaced out fairly well but we were never certain where it would be, So we always carried more water than was needed for just hiking. We always made sure to fill up every container we had before we got to the point where we knew we wanted to stop. So this made some of the ascents pretty grueling. Also, the water at the campground fountains is disgusting. If you can wait to get water you will hit another source after you come down Spike Buck Trail at Boone Road. You could get water out of Pine Creek at the campsites but I never liked pulling water that follows roads like that does. Never know what is running off of the road and into the water. Overall this trail will have you either going up or down with very little reprieve. There are some good views, not many people on the actual trail, and plenty of wildlife. There were a couple of times the trail markings were lacking and the trail disappeared and it became a scramble up the rocks (which is why I gave it 4 stars). However, I really enjoyed this hike.

Just finished this trail yesterday. My son and I started at Rt. 44 and Dam Hollow Rd. Going in a clockwise direction. Some very challenging climbs and descents, but some beautiful scenery. Numerous good campsites and water was plentiful. I’m 64 and in reasonably good shape. My pack weighed in around 32 lbs. This was my first overnight backpacking trip, so glad I did it!

amazing views once you get to them, first overnighter and first hike over 10 miles. I recommend to those who are ready for an adventure

We hiked from Slate Run Road clockwise. Met a handful of people going the opposite way. It was beautiful. Took my son with me for his first overnighter. It was definitely a challenge but the views were amazing! Felt like more than 22.6 miles but it was well worth it!

This was a very hard trail to finish in two days and one night, so like everyone has recommended here, I would also say do it in 2 nights and 3 days. The ascents were really hard for me, especially the first three. The views were great (there is one by the end of the trail that's gorgeous). Use sturdy hiking boots, the downhills are steep and rocky so we needed to be really careful. Type 2 fun overall, got really good workout. Having difficulty walking right now. haha.

I did this trail with some friends in 1 night. Started Saturday morning from little pine state park where we camped the night before and ended early afternoon on Sunday. It probably would have been more enjoyable taking 3 days to do it. We managed about 15 miles and 3 of the 5 ascents in the first day. They can be grueling. This was late summer and it had been dry so luckily no mud but any seasonal water was low to nothing, there were always good reliable water at the bottom of the ascents and not much at the top, which meant hauling a full bladder up the hills. The descent down Huntley mountain looked down right mystical with moss and fern covered rocks. We didn’t see a single other person on the trail the entire way. TLDR: be prepared for some steep ascents and do it in 3 days/2 nights.

This is a very difficult trail. Climbs and descents can be treacherous. Although I did not encounter any rattlesnakes, there was fresh bear droppings. Did 16 miles day one, 15 miles day 2 and completed the trail at about 3pm on day three. I was completely wasted at the end. Weather was beautiful, the views are spectacular but not a trail for the novice backpacker. Met very nice people on the trail that were doing an overnight. Next time I will give myself an extra day. I would recommend you do not do this alone. Very little cell service.

Awesome hike definetly steep inclines.

2 months ago

Beautiful scenery along this trail! Trail conditions are excellent as it was just groomed a few weeks ago for the Eastern States 100. Only parking seems to be at the 414 area and none up at the Rt 44 area.

on Black Forest Long Loop

3 months ago

I’ve hiked this several times, most recently Labor Day weekend 2018. Of all the places across America and worldwide I’ve hiked, this loop is among my favorite trails. It offers strenuous hiking that, depending on how much time one takes to do it, could be categorized as difficult rather than moderate. The diversity of terrain and forests and wildlife is perhaps unparalleled. Water is abundant along most the loop. And the trail itself is very well maintained and ecology preserved. We hiked it in approx 3 days: departed Slate Run on a Friday ~10am and finished Sunday ~8:30pm. Our 2 dogs (1 lab puppy) came along and even survived a few rattlesnake run-ins. There are multiple places to bail and shorten your hike, but finishing the entire loop offers tremendous reward.

This was a tough but great 23 mile loop. My 11-year old son and I hiked it over three days. Started at the Tiadaghron resource management center a little after 4pm on Wednesday and, after checking in (they close at 4pm but were nice and stayed open) moved south along the T trail for 6.2 miles to Bonnell Flats campground (get trailhead along gravel road just as you turn left into the resource center). This first stretch had some elevation but wasn’t too bad. We arrived by 830. Bonnell Flats was nice because near water but not so great because near road. Just as you start your decline before the flats there is a nice spot to camp with view (but we weren’t about to go back up). I would have stopped there if doing it again - spot is obvious. From Bonnell flats did about 11 miles to Little Pine Camp Ground. We left Bonnell around 10am and arrived at LP around 7pm. Make reservations at LP beforehand. Alternatively, you can camp along path enroute but not too many good spots (very few really). This stretch started out tough but we took our time so not bad. Little Pine Camp Ground was good. Left LP around 6am and it was a pretty tough trek back (maybe because it was the third day). The trail map sends you up middle state trail then you turn left onto another trail (spike buck I think?) which brings you back to the Tiadaghron trail. The T trail, as a previous reviewer mentioned, does take you briefly through someone’s private property (great review by the way - it was the reason we chose this trail). After you pass this guy’s house you go up forever, it seemed, on pretty rocky terrain. This was the hardest part of the hike. We made it back to parking lot below resource management center (where we should have parked) by 1230 on Friday. Great trip. Didn’t see anyone on the trail the entire time (except at campsites). Trail was very well marked and is exactly as indicated on the AllTrails map guide. The resource management team said they had just weedwacked a portion of the trail which helped - May be worth calling and asking about this in advance (we got lucky - but well marked regardless). Lots of elevation changes throughout trail which I guess is why it is rated ‘hard’. Trail had some mud but not much. It hadn’t rained in a few days so perhaps there is more usually. We had a raccoon visit at the first camp site and deer and a bear at the second. Definitely good to keep food/trash in sealed bag and high up away from tent. Also saw a small snake on the trail and unfortunately hit a bee hive. Overall, great hike! If you want to cut anything, cut the little out and back up north (just after little pine campground). I would just walk through town and pick up Tiadaghron directly. And lots of streams for water along the way so as long as you have a purifier you should never really need to be too heavy on water. Good pair of boots is necessary to navigate trails along ravines. Hope this is helpful to someone and thanks alltrails for the great map.

4 months ago

I hiked this trail in an overnighter on July 4th to the 5th. This was one of the most challenging trails I have done. The vistas were absolutely amazing and to me they were much better than the views on the West Rim Trail aka Pa Grand Canyon. Plenty of ups and downs and when they went up, they went up steeply and for a long distance. I’m not sure how this app determines the ratings but I would have rated this trail as hard instead of moderate. This app rates the Old Loggers Path in the Loyalsock State Forest in PA as hard but it should have been rated easy. There is no way that trail was more difficult than the BFT. Keep that in mind when looking at the difficulty rating and do further research. Overall I loved this trail. When I do it again I will take more time.

5 months ago

Great trail parked on 44 and hiked to hotel manor (great bar food atmosphere) definitely a strenuous trail but great views. Would recommend to a moderate hiker! Great trail!

I was looking for a nice 3 day, 2 night backpack for my son and I during his spring break. This is a fantastic 3 day backpack. We hammocked and had about 35lbs packs. Enough time to enjoy the sights and not feel rushed. The route listed here is spot on. The markers are in very good condition. Another benefit of this hike is that your not too far from contact with people if you were injured on the hike (more on this later). We went Wed-Fri and didn't see a soul on the trail the entire time. Strong storms had passed through earlier during the week so water was plentiful, but also it made many crossings to contend with. I had expected to camp near Pine Creek on the west side as it was about 6 miles or so of hiking after a 4 hour drive to get there. There is nothing flat in that area as it is just a drop to the creek. Even at the base of the creek there wasn't anything. Another awkward feature was that as you exit the trail to Roberts lane its a shared driveway with private residences. We met one homeowner and his wife, and apologized that we were walking through their driveway.. I guess it happens, as they didn't seem to mind and were very nice. They offered us some suggestions as to where to camp. He had said there was a old boy scout camp out the road and then up then next trail, but as we started I saw a "No Trespassing sign". We wanted to finish up by 6:pm and not run out of daylight so we didn't fish around that area for long. We kept moving and found an OK spot about 1/4 mile ahead. For the second day, we covered over 10 miles, as we wanted to end up on the top of the mountain after Dam Run road (Puterbaugh Mountain?). Along the way, you'll cross by a couple campgrounds. One is Happy Acres Resort. There is a nice store there. You'll go into the state campground (right), enter the campground and go to your left as the trail begins by the Yurts. Its a pretty level and easy hike from here until you get to the next climb. Fill up on water by Dam Run Road(Little Pine Creek) before the ascent as there is no water until your start to descend the mountain again. With the extra weight, it will be super fun. But there are plenty of spots to setup once your get over it. Lastly, one thing to remember... contour lines tell you nothing of terrain. We climbed up and down leaf covered rock beds, leaf covered rocky trails, and trail slopes covered in wet leaves quite a bit. Especially after rain this makes it very slow at times and very prone to injury. We both took a good slip or two... I was going down a grade, slipped on the wet leaves and got a very long and weird angle quad stretch... Tear my other ACL? Nah, still good. My son slipped, caught himself and torqued his shoulder backwards... Not dislocated.. just some numbness running down his fingers. He broke another fall after slipping on a rock and slammed his hand (his TEXTing hand, the horror!), but it was OK too. My point is, its very easy to get injured. Take it slow!

We did this trail counter-clockwise which I think makes it much more challenging given the heavy packs we had. We were running a little behind schedule and decided to follow a trail shown on the map running diagonally from the NW corner of the trail to the SW. There was a trailhead sign, but the trail completely disappeared and we had to bushwhack and travers a ridgeline which was pretty scary for my hiking partner who was very new to all this. It's a beautiful trail, but keep yours ears and eyes peeled for rattlesnakes especially on the rocky outcroppings!

Wild blueberries, cool rocks, snakes, first hike with Frank.

Thu Jul 19 2018

I started at slate run and began hiking counter clockwise. The first 5 miles were great, but between mile 6 and 7 I saw 3 rattlesnakes which was way to frequent for my liking. I was alone and no cell service so I decided to bail and not run the risk. Overall, the terrain is fun, but the snakes freaked me out.

Wed Jul 11 2018

trail is very poorly maintained. I was trenching through thick tall weeds for a good ½ mile after the bog. lots and lots of downed trees on trail. a few were about 4' above the trail. I love the outdoors so I can't knock it but I did it once and that was enough for me. I thought with the black forest trail being nearby, I was in for a treat but it turned out to be much less than expected. overall I won't say terrible but I won't be returning to that section.

Did this as an overnight hike and we had a great time. We went clockwise from the trailhead and camped around mile 12 where we were right near the river. There were a couple hard, steep climbs, but the views were a great reward and the stretches in between were fairly easy. Around mile 17 we lost the trail and the AllTrails map had us way off, and we ran into another pair that said the same thing despite using a paper map. The last few miles were basically weaving back and forth across a river so be prepared to get your shoes wet or take them off a lot.

Great trail for a fun weekend. I recommended doing this trail counter-clockwise. it is a fairly easy trail with only a couple of hill that are breath taking. the views are amazing at the vistas and you are hiking along the creeks most of the time with quite a few crossing so prepare to get a little wet at some point. campsites could use some help so if you are camping at on clean out the fire pits and set up some more rocks around the rings. hope you all enjoy!!!

Did this as a day hike (!) on May 5, 2018, starting in Slate Run and proceeding counterclockwise. No bears, no snakes. The only serious problem was that the last 25% of the loop, ie the lower west-to-east part shown in the map, is NOT labelled as "Black Forest Trail" but you have to follow a patchwork of trails with other names and blaze colors. I got lost and did quite a bit of backtracking, and eventually found my way to a road, and hiked the last 6 miles on roads, mostly Slate Run Road. I had planned for 22.6 miles, but in the end I covered somewhere between 27 and 30 miles -- depending whether I believe map measurements or my iphone. Quite a long day! The best parts of the trip were certainly in the first 30-40% of the loop; and also the north-south part along the western side of the loop is pleasant. (But be prepared for ~20 stream crossings!) EDIT: I subsequently discovered a good map at the following URL. If I had had this map with me, I wouldn't have had all the trouble at the end, and wouldn't have had to hike 6 hard-slogging miles down Slate Hill Road. Here's the URL: http://www.docs.dcnr.pa.gov/cs/groups/public/documents/document/dcnr_20032741.pdf

Tue May 01 2018

two highschool friends and I wanted to go backpacking as a graduation trip. We were unprepared for this strenuous trail but still had a blast. Cant wait to do it again now that I know how to backpack a lot better

mountain biking
Tue Mar 20 2018

Nice rugged trail for well ridden mt bikers, beginners need not apply.

Tue Nov 14 2017

I hiked this trail, starting at the parking lot just off Route 44, and walked clockwise. About 1/2 mile in is a swamp/bog area. Very wet!! The entire trail is blazed Blue and marked really well...except for the lower end of Schoolhouse Hollow, after you cross over Route 44. The blazes just stop so follow the dry creek bed down and you will pick the blazes back up. All in all a great hike but would not recommend doing this in the late Spring or summer as the Raspberry/Blackberry bushes would be extremely thick. About 1 mile before reaching the parking lot you will encounter another swamp/bog,

Thu Sep 28 2017

Awesome trail! Two solid days of hiking given the elevation and terrain. Plenty of good camping spots along the way. Possibly my favorite feature of this hike is the hotel + restaurant + bar almost exactly at the half way point in Slate Run. We stopped off for a beer and hearty meal for lunch and it couldn't have worked out better. We'll definitely do it again.

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