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8 days ago

Nice short trail. Beautiful in winter.

11 days ago

Quick and easy hike, accessible in the snow as well

20 days ago

A bit icy in spots but a great hike!!!

on Jacoby Hollow

1 month ago

Great winter waterfall

1 month ago

Wonderful in the winter. It's like walking through a winter wonderland. Completely accessible after a snowfall unlike some other trails in PA. We were some of the only hikers! Safely get as close as you can to the waterfalls it's miraculous.

2 months ago

It really is a nice trail and the waterfall at the end is worth every step. However the construction road and traffic on said road ruin the hike a little. If not for the road it would be rated 5 stars. You'll run into it about half way back. Some of the trail has even been taken over by the road, it's kind of a shame. Still worth hiking though and was very easy! I will be back later in the winter for some icy waterfall pictures!

on Pine Creek Trail

mountain biking
2 months ago

Always a great ride. Easy access. Exercise or tour with a friend.

I hiked this trail, starting at the parking lot just off Route 44, and walked clockwise. About 1/2 mile in is a swamp/bog area. Very wet!! The entire trail is blazed Blue and marked really well...except for the lower end of Schoolhouse Hollow, after you cross over Route 44. The blazes just stop so follow the dry creek bed down and you will pick the blazes back up. All in all a great hike but would not recommend doing this in the late Spring or summer as the Raspberry/Blackberry bushes would be extremely thick. About 1 mile before reaching the parking lot you will encounter another swamp/bog,

3 months ago

Great Hike!! We went late fall and the waterfall was absolutely beautiful! Easy to hike and few challenges but nothing extreme!

4 months ago

Did this hike in the summer over the 4th of July weekend. Beautiful weather, great hike. We didn't do the whole 11 miles, we did the 5.2 mile loop that's shown in some of the tracking maps. Very steep in the first mile, but then it levels out and is pretty easy after that. The views aren't totally clear because of tree growth, but still beautiful and dramatic for PA.

4 months ago

Awesome trail! Two solid days of hiking given the elevation and terrain. Plenty of good camping spots along the way.

Possibly my favorite feature of this hike is the hotel + restaurant + bar almost exactly at the half way point in Slate Run. We stopped off for a beer and hearty meal for lunch and it couldn't have worked out better.

We'll definitely do it again.

breath taking

4 months ago

nice easy trail with a waterfall what you can stand under. Trail follows a creek to the fall. There is a flat spot on top of the falls to have a nice lunch.

bridge from the south is out. have to approach from the north for now

I didn't exactly hike this exact route. We took the left fork and ended up on the black forest trail, connected to Grady road and ended not far on 44 from the pull off for BlackBerry. The left fork took us down the mountain on a pretty steep trail with a small boulder pile to traverse down. Once at the bottom we followed black forest across the stream, quite a few times, till we hit Grady all at a relatively slow incline. it was a more difficult 6 miles but still a really nice hike with a great view and forest scenery.

5 months ago

Bridge is out at the intersection of Wallis Run RD. And butternut grove RD. Looks like it'll be out for a long time yet.

5 months ago

Kind of took this one on a whim. Awesome views from the top. Trail is very steep in places so watch your step.

This was by far the most difficult trail I have done to date! The climbs are outrageous but the reward is great views for sure! Only came across 1 rattle snake...a Black Timer Rattler...let us pass right by and never even buzzed. Started the trail, from Slate Run, and went clockwise but do to injury had to cut day 2 short. Water was in great supply.

8.17.17 - Bridge is out that leads to the trailhead. Detour is difficult to follow and totally out of the way. Skip this until the road is open again.

on Tiadaghton Trail

6 months ago

Did this trail with my boyfriend and our dogs. The parking lot is easy to find via coordinates. The trail starts off paved and crosses the bridge. Shortly after crossing, keep your eyes open for an unpaved and unmarked trail head to your right. Follow it straight, this trail eventually has blue markers that make it easier to follow. Other trails link with this one, so some blue markers also have yellow. Simply follow the blue, it gets a little step but offers a nice view once you get to the top. We ended up turning back once we got to the overlook to make it a shorter hike.

We attempted to ride the entire length of the trail while bicycle camping along the way. A damaged bike kept us from getting further than Blackwell, PA (starting at the trailhead near Wellsboro, PA), but that portion that we hit through the Natural Area of the "canyon" was great.
We stayed overnight at a camping area at the old CCC town of Tiadagton. Eagles, black bear, ducks, geese, white tailed deer and timber rattlesnakes were seen in plenty. The middle of the Natural Area did not see much in the way of other campers or even bikers during the two weekend August days that we were base camped there. The star gazing was awesome and the night sounds of the old town site kept us wondering since we were the only people camped there.
The town of Blackwell has a general store that should be a standard stop on the trail.
The ride was very easy as the trail is the best Rail Trail that I have ever ridden. And I have ridden on many. I would suggest this trail to anyone looking for a day trip up to a multi night adventure. Caution should be exercised with the numerous bears (storing food stuffs) and the number of rattlesnakes trail side.
This is one of PA Wilds best hidden gems.

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