This trail is not Pet Friendly. We got all the way here only to find that out. Looks awesome bur didnt get to hike it

The road to the Nature Institute offices and The Mississippi Sanctuary we're closed, so I parked at the Olin Nature Preserve parking lot and hiked in. I took the outer perimeter, plus a couple of the longer inside trails. There are a few other shorter inside trails as well. Rather hilly and rocky in places. Several stream crossings we're missing bridges, but it was rather dry so it was not much of an issue to cross and keep my feet dry. A small two tier waterfall just had a trickle going over it. The trail ends up going along the edge of Mississippi River bluffs. If you have an issue with heights be aware. Also, keep close track of any children, as it could be dangerous. I hiked in late fall, so all the leaves had fallen, but it was still a pleasant, pretty hike that I enjoyed very much.