Four words: this trail is HARD. The views and setting are awesome, but the trail is not moderate by a stretch, unless one hikes the Colorado Rockies or the like on a regular basis. I started out at 5:30 am at the parking area for Kelly’s Run trail (Holtwood), and ended at the Pequea Boat Club parking lot and pier (Pequea) before returning — the entire course, plus. I hiked about 17.5 miles total, of which about 12 miles were recorded. Water is definitely an issue and that’s another reason why this course should not be rated “moderate”. I agree that you will likely run out of water, as another reviewer posted. But, It’s everywhere! Next time I will take purification tablets (Katadyn Micropur) and/or a water filter (Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter). You can refill along Tucquan Creek and several other places. Otherwise, people may have to help you out, like they did for me.

The course is well marked, but often in inconspicuous locations. Sometimes you will have to look around carefully for the markings. And, although it can be used for trail running, I don’t recommend it on the initial visit, especially if you’ve never been here before. I think the trail is intended more so for hiking. There are so many angled slopes, dips, quick turns, and sharp inclines and declines that you will run right by the markings the first time out, going off course and having to double back again and again. After doing this several times, I realized about 2-3 miles in that I needed to hike first, look around carefully to learn where the markings were, and determine where the trail was going.

Hiking this trail in spring-summer is an insect-a-thon — spiders, mosquitoes, gnats, and other critters. You will be sweating and swatting the whole way. Waterproof repellent worked fine for me, no bites. The return from Pinnacle Overlook back to Holtwood is a very strenuous workout, and that’s just hiking. Be prepared for that as well.

Finally, the part of the trail along Tucquan Creek is almost otherworldly, reminds me of some of the trails back in Hawaii. The views are spectacular, peaceful and natural, and yet adventurous, making for an awesome hike.