Nice place. What a great use for a large retired farm.

Such a beautiful trail!!! Went in the morning during the sun rise and it was incredible.

One of my favorite places in West Chester. Pretty busy on Sundays but the rest of the week is not bad. Multiple trails that you can use and intersect.

A wonderful variety of scenery, like a microcosm of all that the Brandywine area has to offer.

Trail runners should especially enjoy Stroud, because its terrain is not too rocky and the portions that are stone-laden are rather easy to navigate without much trouble.

This trail is admittedly one of the busier destinations that I frequent, but I don't feel that it's "congested" in any way. Although the parking lot may be rather full, if you stick to the red trail, you will only occasionally pass a fellow hiker/runner.

Besides the red trail, which essentially follows the border of the preserve, there are a couple other trails that cut through the preserve and are perhaps a better option for those with small children, or those that just want a stroll.

This is a well-maintained preserve and I highly recommend it for hikers/runners and even people that want a scenic area to take pictures or do some plein air painting.

trail running
3 months ago

Absolutely beautiful. I ran the red trail this morning and I was surrounded by beautiful butterflies throughout the run. Trails are easy to follow. It was so peaceful. I could spend every morning here.

3 months ago

Walked the Red Trail and loved it. So peaceful and beautiful. A nice mix of gravel road, grass paths, dirt paths through the woods, corn fields and hay fields. If I lived closer, I would do this once a week for a nice relaxing walk.

3 months ago

Most of the red trail indicates NO dogs. There is no complete loop that allows dogs. Part of each trail allows dogs but they are in and out walks.