Horrible trail, not marked well at all. It was supposed to be a simple loop and due to poor trail markings we were literally lost in the middle of the woods. Maybe only for experienced hikers, I don’t know. But i can tell you it was supposed to be 1.5 miles and we got lost and were up to 7 miles. Had to call 911 and thank GOD we had reception and the kind officer was able to pick us up on GPS and got us back. Next closest thing to the Blair Witch Project. We got out right before dusk

10 months ago

Painter swamp deserves it’s name. In early October the colors are beautiful. The trail is in the middle of nowhere a 2 mile drive on a gravel road. The path is rough with jagged rocks sticking out. Trail is well marked although confusing on the other side of the swamp where you have to walk though some muddy parts and after it rains I’m not sure if it’s walkable. Watch out for spiderwebs and ticks. I’d recommend starting on the right, easier walk and better views of the swamp.

on Painter Swamp Trail

Sunday, October 11, 2015