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I have now camped on the AT sites twice now (Fall and Winter) and the trail, site, and scenery are all great. The reservoir is a unique and fantastic place to be in all 4 seasons.

Nice relaxing trail, with some nice lookout's.

Starts out a rocky trail, but leads into a decent trail, with gradual inclines and come across a few trails and access roads along the way.
The overlook is worth the hike.
Note: If you cross the road you can see the other part of the AT its worth the short walk to another overlook of the valley.

did this by myself and its a pretty easy trail. that said rocks are everywhere and you should have some purpose made shoes/boots for trails. the camp sight is nice but kind of small and there isnt much in the way of firewood. over all though it was great and would do it again.

I’m getting older! This was tougher than it should Have been for me and my girlfriend. It was a very good hike the view is spectacular very rocky make sure to wear boots we were both wearing just normal sneakers it is a very extremely rocky section of the trail.

My Husband and I did this hike on a beautiful September day. We enjoyed hiking through the woods and it took us about an hour and a half to get to Round Head Lookout. Very few people on the trail - nice and quiet. We will be back here once the color starts to peak a bit more!

We did a short hike in(about 4 miles) from 183 to hertlein campsite, spent the night and hiked back out. it was really muddy and swampy from the flash flood 2 days ago. and its definitely rocky but still a nice hike and good for amateurs like us. The campsite was nice and theres a old dam they use as a watering hole. We'll do it again!

We left one car at either end and did a nice 4 hour hike. The was a lot of water on the trail for about a mile on the 183 end. It was about 85° but there was plenty of shade from the forest.

Not a review...looking for insight.
Me and my husband are planning on backpacking this trail overnight in early August. Are there any considerations that I should be aware of in terms of camping and parking?
Do I need to reserve a campsite?
Is my car ok overnight in the parking lot at Rt 183

Did this as a long out and back day hike. Ended up at 21.5 miles after a few side trails. Typical PA rocks throughout but not that bad once you are used to them. Cool boulder field near the reservoir about 5 miles from the parking area at 183. There are also springs near both ends of this hike. 1 about a mile from 183 and one near the 501 shelter on the other end.

Did an out and back from the Port Clinton (N) end - maybe 10 miles total. The climb out of Port Clinton is very steep and although there are stone steps, it requires some scrambling in places. But it's short. Nice trail with all the PA rocks you'd expect.

We did this hike but parked at 645 parking lot and did it as an in and out hiking North to Hertlein Campsite. Hike was rocky but it's PA we are known for our rocks. Campsite was great there are multiple spots to camp with fire pits. Fresh spring work water that feeds into the reservoir. The water was cold so we chose not to swim. Also neat boulder field to explore.

Did this section twice in life not a significant elevation gain but a good walk none the less. The water is fresh cold spring water that heals the soul. I seriously do believe that. And when i was there 2 thru hikers were jig'ing fish in the dam and cooking them over a campfire and man...that IS living!

The reservoir is a great place to camp. Lots of decent campsites along the trail and around the resevoir.

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