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Hiked on 2/4 on a lucky 50something degree day! Deepest snow 4-6 inches which made going down and up a little dicey. but the warm weather made it well worth it! about 2-2.5 hours round trip.. walked pretty slow on account of the snow, picture taking, and looking for porcupine!

I was on lots of trails around this area today but couldn’t find this one! Hoping for another decent day soon to try again.

Nice 2 hour ish hike around the loop, there are a ton of trails connecting each other and it gets confusing because some of the yellow markings take you off the more worn paths which make it easy to miss. The trail is marked with different names, glad I took gps to double check route. Now to find out where all these other trails go....

This trail is gorgeous and is a little more of a workout which I liked. When you pull into the parking area take the gate furthest to your right, you walk that trail and will come to a Kennerdell trail sign, follow it. Eventually you will come to a fork with 3 paths but only 2 signs. One will say Iron Furnace Trail to your right and the center trail currently has no sign, you can follow that center trail to the overlook which is an easy hike. You can continue on to hike the Dennison run trail which is clearly marked by yellow on the trees. This is where you will encounter the declines, suspension bridges, and inclines. If you follow this trail it is a loop and will bring you back to the original fork with the 2 signs I mentioned. Torwards the end of the trail when the ground starts to level off you will come to a "T" to stay on the trail loop take a right. We hiked this with our dog and had no issues, we do hike regularly.

5 months ago

Fun trail

As many have said, if you’re wanting to do the overlook trail, it is the first one immediately on your right, the gate is closed and has signs for the state game land on it. If you’d like to get to the overlook point quickly, start the trail counterclockwise it will also have you going downhill for the steep part. I chose to go the clockwise route and found the trail-blazes too be adequate, I did get off trail twice, I may have missed the blazes but luckily with this app was able to get back on trail fairly quickly.

I took my beagle along and he did great and loved it, a little nervous about crossing the bridges but with a little coaxing he did fine. Only saw one other person the whole time and definitely enjoyed the view.

The trail has some beautiful hills and some nice inclines/declines. I wouldnt say that its too hard. It is very buggy with gnats , be sure to spray your hat with some off.

Wow, okay GORGEOUS trail. I went this morning while it was damp and quiet. Passed a few hikers with their dogs.

But heres what i loved: the beautiful singing birds, the bridges, the overlook of the river, the climbs and descents and the surprising challenge of the hike.

However, i totally got lost at one point from not paying attention to the forks in the trails. To follow the path shown on alltrails, take the path on the immediate right at the parking lot. About a quarter mile down will be a sign with trail names. Follow that until you see three paths in the trail. One is the overlook trail. THIS is the one you want to take for the 4 mile hike.

I ended up taking a 7 mile hike by continuing straight and down the gorge to the busy road by the river. My own fault, but as long as you pay attention, the hike is incredible!!

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10 months ago

As others have noted, make sure you take the entrance at the right as you pull in. The hike was a bit difficult through several inches of snow; however it was well worth it.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Awesome trails to explore. May be challenging for someone that does not hike all the time. Yellow blazes mark all of the trails and signs marking the trails are infrequent. I made a 4.5 mile loop using the Dennison trail and the Gorge trail.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Walked my dog to the furnace in the spring and had lunch on the creek bank.. Beautiful hike, I especially enjoyed the trail through the pine trees. Can't wait until my daughter is a little bit older so I can take her along.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

The time I did it I was carrying a one year old baby in a sling and I was with children and another couple who were carrying a large five month old baby in a backpack.

The children all did fine and loved playing in the creek and the bridges.

I am in good shape, stay busy and occasionally workout. For me doing the trail with a 20+ pound child wasn't difficult; however the couple I was with found it to be a *very* difficult hike but their primary pass time and hobby is watching movies.

The yellow blazes are well marked on trees but I found them to be mildly confusing. I think as long as you stay on the paths with yellow marks eventually you'll end up where you want to go. "All roads lead to Rome." (At least with yellow marks on the trees.)

When you just arrive in the parking lot, before you park, look to THE RIGHT and you'll see a small dirt road, that's most likely barricaded off, that people can't drive down. This is where you start. Go around the barricade or under it. There is no "trail head" sign. Once you have walked down the dirt road for awhile it will become obvious where to go since you'll being seeing the signs.

we found the trail well marked, and the trail map found in other comments helped. Beautiful views and well paced inclines and declines made for fun yet rewarding hiking.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Short n sweet trail! The incline on the way back is long and will put the fire into your legs! Great exercise, and its not a bad hike back, just take your time.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Great trail!! Clean and marked. A lot of people say do counter-clockwise to avoid big climb... but that was half the fun!!! And its really not that bad!

The trails are now well marked

Excellent trail, horribly marked so keep a map

Great trail. Difficult, but worth it. We brought our relatives from Texas and they were impressed with the overlook, the gorge, and the old growth forest.

on Iron Furnace Trail

Monday, May 29, 2017

It was a great experience overall and I will definitely do it again. We did it as a day hike and it did not disappoint. Although one of my companions lost his phone.
Beautiful view

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The trailhead is not well marked, and it's on a state hunting ground. at some points the trail itself is not well marked. the view is phenomenal. the trek into and out of the gorge is rough but worth it. I'd recommend gong counterclockwise around the loop unless you're looking for a really steep uphill climb. bridges down in the gorge are a really fun touch. good for dogs and humans.
We saw a porcupine!

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Nice Loop. Can easily be done in 2,5-3h.
Especially the part down at the river with all the little bridges is nice...

Sunday, April 09, 2017

LOVED this trail. Has everything I want out of a hike. Water, terrain, rocks, & the ability to "go off trail". I will be back to do this hike again!

From reading the previous reviews, I was cautious about "finding" the trail head... but with this app (All trails) and knowing to follow the outlook trail.. then just look for yellow or red markers to get down to the bottom of the gorge... it was super easy to navigate and to explore without trepidation.

Have fun and hike on!

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

nice trail, not labeled Alleghany River Gorge trail anywhere along the trail, multiple trails crisscrossing.
once you start down into the gorge, even the blazes disappear.
Shame it would be nice if marked!

Monday, February 27, 2017

It was very neat to see the iron furnace. Pretty muddy, but it is mid-February.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

While this is my "home turf" persay, I must admit that I never really explored this area until about 5 years ago. All of the land known as the Kennerdell Tract lies within about 15 miles of my home. Every review I've read that was written by others on this site is spot on. The trails here, while well signed at intersections, are poorly blazed. Every trail I've ever been on in this piece has either a yellow or a red blaze (some places have both). My son is presently a Life Scout in his troop. Our plan for his Eagle project is to reblaze some of these trails to make them more navigable.

If you plan to visit this area, my best suggestion would be to go to this website -

http://www.mobilemaplets.com/showplace/11251 -

and print the map before your visit. Also remember that in the event you get turned around and lose your way, following a waterway downstream or heading downhill will take you to the Allegheny River and to civilization.

There is a primitive campground along the river that is hike to/boat to known as Danner's Campground. Some literature or websites may refer to it as Danner's Landing or Danner's Rest. It is an area along the Allegheny River with picnic tables, pit latrines and non-potable water (just boil it first). Keep in mind, though, that while it is located in a wilderness area, there are houses right across the river that produce all the sounds of civilization, like automobile noise, ATV's, chain saws, sounds of people who have consumed too much alcohol having what they think is a "good time"

All in all - this is an area that is very worth your time to visit and explore. My advice is - get a map, start small and expand your exploration with every visit.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

At the end of the day, this was a gem of a hike with the added bonus of a spectacular view of the Allegheny River and surrounding mountains from the overlook

There was very little signage at the parking lot to direct you to the trail entrance, so we were very appreciative of the reviews that preceded us, which helped us locate the entrance a short walk down the State Game Lands road just across from the entrance to the parking lot.

We found the hike to be a very gentle one to start, but it increased in difficulty as we went along. We followed the well marked yellow blazed trail but noticed there were very few maps along the way to give you a perspective of how far along the trail you've come.

We enjoyed the suspension bridges and the challenging climb to overlook point. But after completing the majority of the trail, we somehow missed the "end of the loop" and wound up at another parking lot with no signage or maps and we had no cell service to check our map on Alltrails. (Unfortunately our GPS also ran out of battery power, that was our fault).

With time running against us for daylight, and no way to discern where our parking lot was relative to us, we faced the challenging task of re-tracing our steps back through the whole trail at a much quicker pace.

We feel as though there might have been a path back to parking somewhere near the outlook point, but some trees had fallen making the path look like it had been closed. We aren't quite sure where we went wrong, but we absolutely missed an important sign somewhere.

So in the end, we really enjoyed the scenery and unique features of this trail, but would caution people who don't know the trail well to give a lot of time to complete it in good daylight, because there are only a few signs along the way, but no maps and no cell service for most of the hike.

As others have said as well, this trail backs on to State Game Lands, so be sure to make your presence known by talking etc.

Great hike. Boot camp at times. Would do it again with more time on our side.

The trail was great once we figured out how to get started on it. Following the yellow markers is definitely the way to go. We saw lots of interesting things along the way.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Great trail! Took a couple minutes to find the beginning. Great parking spots. I didn't realize that we had to walk down the far right truck path until we walked into the trail start which was on the left a little ways down the truck path. Once that was figured out the trail was pretty easy to follow. We followed the outlook trail which took us to the beautiful outlook and then we continued the trail and it wrapped around to the suspension bridges! Loved the bridges! They are very well maintained! At first I thought the trail was a medium hike. Then I had to follow the trail back up the hills... We saw proof that there are bears, so be prepared and be careful!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hiked here with Rueger. Parked in the lot at the end of Dewoody. The trail head there shows the trail name as, "Kennerdell". There's a whole really nice trail system back in this area. Check out maps for Clear Creek State Forest (not the State Park) and you'll find a detail. Be sure to hike down the hill to Dennison Run creek and see the suspension bridges. This area in particular is just a spectacular view of a class PA forest. I wish I could live right there! The Overlook point above the Allegheny River is amazing. Met a nice man named "Bruce" this day who had been going here for years with his wife. I hope to see/find Bruce again.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Cool day hike off the beaten path!

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