probably better with higher waters. the trail was a bit overgrown and not marked, starts on what appears to be an old logging road or something. there is a state game lands sign and a spot that appears to be a trail, though no sign with trail name, at the spot the GPS directions take you. We made it about half a mile, to the first stream crossing. though there wasn't much water there i could see it having more of a "falls" feel in the spring with more rains. it wasn't clear where the trail went from here and it was pretty overgrown and unmarked so we turned back. ended up pulling off the dirt road a few miles back and playing in the falls and rocks on the creek for over an hour. that is worthwhile. there are the remains of an old concrete bridge and a number of rapids you can play around in.

oddly, about a quarter mile before the trail head, just before a one lane bridge, there is a clear parking area with a nicely made wooden box on a tree with a couple sign in books. we originally thought this was the trail because it is marked do much better and people had signed in, but the trail appears to just end about 50 yards in. couldn't figure out what that trail was. no explanation in book or in wooden box, but right next to pretty stream.