First know that the traffic noise will NOT diminish as you ascend, like I was hoping. Even at the summit you will hear the highway. That being said, it's a pleasant hike, the woods are beautiful and I love the rocky spine-walking at the top. I found it impossible to locate the trail down to complete the loop so it turned into an out-and-back hike. Views of the river are nice but somewhat obstructed, I can't imagine how you'd see much of anything when the leaves are on the trees. I probably wouldn't hike this again due to the road noise.

great trail for newbies!

The trail was well blazed, even with all the switchbacks. I was able to get a great view of the river (although not quite photo friendly), but I could clearly hear the traffic the entire time. The path goes over rocks for a good portion of the trail, so just watch your footing with all the fallen leaves if you go during this time of year.

It's a decent hike, but it just didn't give me the views that I'm used to seeing on other hikes. So my expectations is what really what let me down. I did wander quite a bit from the trail too, it's fairly easy to find your way back.

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