Very pretty overlook. Still very manageable to hike in the snow, but Yaktrax or micro-spikes are a good idea. Will go again!

Great views. Well worth the hike.

Yesterday, I attempted hike up the trail. About 3/4 of the way up I encountered solid block of ice which covered the trail making passage near impossible. I turned around after almost falling off of the mountain. Lol!

First know that the traffic noise will NOT diminish as you ascend, like I was hoping. Even at the summit you will hear the highway. That being said, it's a pleasant hike, the woods are beautiful and I love the rocky spine-walking at the top. I found it impossible to locate the trail down to complete the loop so it turned into an out-and-back hike. Views of the river are nice but somewhat obstructed, I can't imagine how you'd see much of anything when the leaves are on the trees. I probably wouldn't hike this again due to the road noise.

great trail for newbies!

The trail was well blazed, even with all the switchbacks. I was able to get a great view of the river (although not quite photo friendly), but I could clearly hear the traffic the entire time. The path goes over rocks for a good portion of the trail, so just watch your footing with all the fallen leaves if you go during this time of year.

It's a decent hike, but it just didn't give me the views that I'm used to seeing on other hikes. So my expectations is what really what let me down. I did wander quite a bit from the trail too, it's fairly easy to find your way back.

A little slick because it has been raining but an overall great hike. Lots of stairs, so if you have bad knees I would recommend some knee braces. Otherwise, a short hike with a beautiful view! (I had my 2 dogs with me and they handled it with no problems)

Fun trail, lots of rocks and steep. 9 yo got too nervous with the rocks and trail edge towards the end to continue. 10 yo was blazing ahead and was bummed we didn't finish. Adventure!

It's a short hike that leads to a beautiful view of the water basin. I was the only one on the trail when I went Friday morning. The stone steps for the climb can be a bit of a workout and the path can become narrow at points, but totally worth it.

Fairly easy, yet interesting hike. The vista is breathtaking and awesomely panoramic. It is heavily trafficked on a Saturday early afternoon.

An extremely awesome payoff for a short distance and smooth elevation change.

Beautiful fall hike!

short...but good work out. beautiful up at the top.

5 months ago

This is a great hike on the AT. cool views of the river and the kids had fun climbing around on the rocks. We made this a loop. Check out my full review which includes directions and other things to look out for.

Great trail for central PA! I read a lot of views saying the trees obstructed views. To an extent yes, however, I found plenty of great spots where there is a nice view (pictures are uploaded). If you have some experience, don't be afraid to wonder a bit off the path and climb onto a large rock.

It was a bit challenging at times but overall doable. I would rate this on the higher end of "moderate". It does get step and is very rocky, but there are plenty of leveled flat areas as well.

Directions: From parking lot, cross road and cross railroad tracks. You will see trail marker for the white Appalachian. Follower white markers up and around the moutain on this trail until you hit the blue marked susquehanna trail. Take this back down to the white trail and continue back to parking lot. It is well marked and pretty easy to follow.

Views were a little obstructed by trees. Be aware that basically the entire top of the ridge is a rock scramble and be prepared for that. Also ran across several copperheads along the rocks during midday, so watch your step!

Great hike. we started out early morning, 4am. definitely need boots here.

A nice, shorter day hike that provides a great workout! The trail is very well marked and features 'rugged' scenery -- if you've ever done Old Rag, this has a similar feel. I would rate the way up a little more strenuous than moderate -- as it's all uphill and, at points, with a steep grade. The view makes it worth it, though. If you're looking to extend your hike a little more, turn right at top of Hawk Rock and follow the AT for ~2mi. You'll hit an intersection with a blue blaze trail that leads down to a small shelter (about ~0.2mi on the blue blaze). Definitely recommend this hike and will return in the future!

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