Mostly level hike. The trail is pretty much out in the open, so very little shade (best to do this one on a cloudy day). There are several paths off of the main one, but if you stay on the main trail you will have water on both sides of you around 1 mile in. We saw lots of deer, flowers, birds, and trees.

10 months ago

As others have said, not really a hike but a very pretty waterfall. Watch for bees nests as you ascend and descend into the stream.

It is a nice trail walk for anyone. It is state game land territory, so if you happen to go during season wear some bright colors to be safe. You never know what could happen.
In n Out with the head and exit one in the same. several very small loops to take all leading back to the original trail a tenth of a mile from the parking area. Great scenery of PA Wetlands. Great for and 2 hour walk or trail run workout.

Nice easy hike. I liked the scenery around it. Some ponds and then a more dense wooded area. Good for a quick 2 hour workout

Schollard's Wetlands was more of a surprise than anything else. Take the trail head on the right side of the road before you find the parking lot on your left, this is the better trail. The trail features a beautiful wetland on the left with a swamp/lake on your right. With an abundance of birds and other life, it really is a scenic heaven. BIRD WATCHERS will love this area! I would recommend this for anyone, as it's better than what the typical review says! Bring bug repellant and a camera, you won't be disappointed!

1 year ago

A great in-and-out hike for the day. With a beautiful waterfall featuring a nice overlooks next to the jewelry store, you can walk down the creek to find some hidden gems of scenery. Beware of bugs! I would recommend this for anyone wanting to get some great photography of waterfalls during the summer and fall.

nice place for snowshoeing! lots of critter tracks in the snow which made it a nice trip!

State game lands. More of an old path than a trail. Wear bug spray. Nothing special.

Beautiful waterfall, larger than most. This is not really a "trail," because you can park your car in the tiny parking area, cross the road, and then you are right there... However, the woods to the right can be followed down and curves around for different angles of the waterfall. There is a natural spring that people drink from near the parking lot, also. Local people often carry empty bottles to refill them from this spring. Very beautiful, in the Autumn months, also.

Schollard's Wetlands offers it's hikers an average hike with not too much excitement. With a decent mileage to hike (roughly 5.8) it basically features you hiking a straight flat path between two open woods/ponds. If your looking for an average day hike to just get out, i would recommend this. If your looking for a more adventurous hike and scenery, then I would tell you that passing on this trail is the wisest choice.