2 months ago

This has become one of my favorite hikes after doing it! The stream crossing is tricky to find but awesome when you do find it! If you have a dog joining you for the hike, he/she must be okay with water as they must swim across the creek! Trail is poorly marked in some areas and about 10 trees cover the path on part of the trail as well, but that was fun! I only had to use the AllTrails GPS a couple times. Very steep and rocky and just absolutely gorgeous! Cannot wait to do this trail again!!

Rating the tower, not so much the trail. We took the H. Knauber and did some trailblazing to get to this spot instead.

I would rate this trail on the lowest setting for moderate intensity. Nothing too difficult, only a few decent climbs in the beginning. Trail levels off remainder of journey. Not a real trail, more so a service road. One part is somewhat overgrown, as in shin-high grass with brush on the side. In retrospect, I can only assume the moderate intensity is due to length, which isn’t long at all. Overall, it took nigh three hours to complete, and that was milking it.

I did this hike solo today, and it was very tranquil. It had rained earlier/last night and the cool weather deterred pretty much every single flying insect. There's not too much to look at on the way to the tower, it's a gravel path for the majority of it. I did see a black bear on the path as well as some mountain lion tracks (they were fresh). I let the bear wander off for a bit, before I continued moving again. Fortunately, I was downwind, so I didn't have much to worry about.

The tower itself had an amazing view, despite the low fog in the valley. But, if you don't like heights or get a little uneasy because the platform flexes underneath your weight, you probably don't want to climb the tower. (But I promise it's stable and worth it.)

The trail was hard to find. We actually walked the roadway thinking it was the trail. No view of the creek which I was expecting.

Good hike. Good camp sites. Plenty of water.

5 months ago

Awesome stream crossing, but hard to find my first time there. I ended up wading through the water instead because I didn't know where the wire bridge was located. Easy to get lost without a GPS but a very much untouched and pristine hike. No spectacular view at the top, but the rock scramble and exciting scenery along the way make it well worth the journey. I do wish the trailhead was better marked.

Gravel road most if the way. More like a path than a trail but a decent walk and not too difficult.

7 months ago

Great workout and good adventure. Difficult crossing streams after rain, and A little confusing around water crossings but the trails are well marked so keep looking. Trail head marked by a red A. Red to blue to white to blue to red.

Great ride, a bit rocky! Beautiful canopy of trees covers most of the trail.

Nice loop for a day hike!

I decided to make it a loop by riding down to water tank trail and taking that up rattle run and back down. If you decide to do that, make sure you have the proper footwear, because it gets extremely steep with loose rocks and logs. Plus, you have to carry the bike for 90% of water tank trail, which I was not expecting. Easy ride down after that though.

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10 months ago

A little hard to find but definitely worth it! Gorgeous rail trail and not very many people. The gate at the cold spring road entrance is open, definitely need 4 by 4 vehicle to get to the lot.

10 months ago

overall the hike was pretty good. pretty steep uphill if you start this trail heading east then south. biggest complaint was when you're on the blue trail heading towards the AT, after you crest the hill and head down through the woods the blue trail went into about a 15-20 foot wide section of Rausch creek. we couldn't cross it so we went up stream to cross and then couldn't find the trail again even with GPS. after about 30 minutes of bush whacking we found the AT and the rest of the hike was nice.

Made a left instead of a right at some point and encountered some steep hills. Was a great challenge. I pulled my partial dentures out and placed them in my pocket for a moment and ended up losing them. If you see some teeth on the ground scoop em up and I'll reward you handsomely.. Lol

10 months ago

Great hike! Lots to explore! Sand Springs, Mine vents and the General

11 months ago

got mega lost somehow. fun until then ,ha

This was a fun hike! Even in the rain. The wire bridge was a little tricky to find and the trail needs a bit of love but it was well marked. Red to blue to white to blue to red. Go check out the General!

Sunday, February 05, 2017

A very tuff trail in certain spots, watering hole at the top is crystal clear and cold on a hot summers day, this one was a gasser for me and the girl. Great scenery and history.

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