got mega lost somehow. fun until then ,ha

This was a fun hike! Even in the rain. The wire bridge was a little tricky to find and the trail needs a bit of love but it was well marked. Red to blue to white to blue to red. Go check out the General!

A very tuff trail in certain spots, watering hole at the top is crystal clear and cold on a hot summers day, this one was a gasser for me and the girl. Great scenery and history.

4 months ago

The directions on here are not accurate. You can park at these coordinates and start your ride from here (40.398604,-76.853798).
The trail eventually splits and you can travel to the right and up an incline after crossing Stoney Creek. The other way goes on for miles. I only completed about 8 miles before I turned and headed back. The trail is hard packed and is easy to navigate even for children. The woods are peaceful and the trail is shaded. I highly recommend doing even a portion of this trail if you are in the area.

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8 months ago

To get to the trail, Google clarks ferry bridge. The hike was moderate but wonderful views! There are a lot of rocks so hiking boots are a must! Great way to spend an afternoon!

Complete this section of the trail Easter sunday to Monday morning. Easy walking path we fogged out at the top passed 4 other hikers. Trail is mainly on the northern slope very little sun in the early hrs, But Shelter was very nice. water and plenty of camp site. A little boring ending coming into the highway. be careful crossing the road.

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I had biked this trail many years ago as a kid attending a local YMCA Summer Camp.
It was a light gravel trail, flat, and scenic rolling along Stoney Creek.
From the start, 4-5 miles down the trail is an old wooden bridge with a fresh water spring seeping out of the ground on the NE corner.
And 9-11 miles back there is an old station house. This is a good place to stop and turn back.
Below the Station, there are fresh water springs.
This trail is excellent for all members of the family, and if you have horses, it's a great trail for riding too. Plenty of trail space to maneuver and move.