We just did on a 50 degree February day w a few inches of damp snow on the ground and a beautiful blue ground. Parking lot was full but only saw 4 sets of ppl on the hike. Trail was easy w one steep part and lively view of lake for most of it. Snow made it a foot work out.

Easy trail to follow. Their is only one area uphill that is moderate. Beautiful scenery off trail a bit by the lake. Didn't see any animals. Their was a giant stone wall in the middle of the hike that was pretty cool.

easy trail close to home

Great hike, went with my wife and 9 year old. Logged a total of 3 miles. Easier to start on the North side of the parking lot; it's a steep climb to start this way, so to finish 3 miles with this ascent would've been a different hike.

6 months ago


I hike the trail often, at least once a week. always a new experience.
it is my church.

awesome trail, beautiful views!

Steep in spots. Do start as recommended counterclockwise .... When you get to the end of the trail you'll be glad you did

10 months ago

Great trail to hike with a dog. You can access the lake about halfway through so I always let my pup swim and she is dry by the time we get back to the car. This is a pretty easy hike but it still feels like a hike rather than just an easy walk through the woods. This usually tales me about an hour.

nice easy hike. great views of the lake.

I did this trail a few times. The best time to go is later in the summer when the water is low. I went off trail and walked the rocky shoreline .