starting to get a little over grown

I did some recognizance tonight for a future hike. Easy to find, But my Honda Civic hit bottom several times. If you don't have a vehicle with a lot of clearance, this is not the parking lot for you. I am looking at Smith Gap a little farther down the trial, to enter the AT.

We loved this one. The parking lot is... secluded. The first 0.8 miles is a bit strenuous as it's about 850ft of elevation gain. There is a nice spring half way up. It's pretty much all flat on the AT. Once you hit the AT its 1 mile to the great lookout spot. Our two dogs, pit mixes, did great here and most dogs should be just fine.

I"m meeting a friend at the Leroy A Smith shelter on Thursday morning.
If anyone can give me some info on where I would enter the AT to get there and how far it is from that enterance and if you know a good place to stay near by on Wed night. I sure would appreciate it. Thank you. Tom

The trail to the overlook is really easy to miss. From the parking lot you go straight up the blue trail until you reach the Appalachian, then you make a left on the Appalachian white trail and after about a mile keep your eyes open for a small rock pile on the left ground. At the rock pile the trail forks to the left and right, the right continues on the Appalachian white trail and the left is a blue trail that leads to the overlook. When you get to the overlook spend a good amount of time taking it all in, it's definitely one of the best views I've seen in the PA NJ area. Afterwards you can go back the way you came, back to your car or you can continue further down the Appalachian and turn around when ever you feel like, there is no way to make this a loop only an out and back.

coordinates to the overlook are N40° 48.792' W75° 28.687

This is a nice out and back hike with a few challenging rock scrambles in the first mile in from Blue Mountain Rd. In order to get to the overlook, go down the AT until you come to a rock pile, approx 3.4 miles, marking a trail on the right marked with blue blazes. We did come across a rattle snake on the AT in this area so definitely keep an eye out.

When you first get on the blue blaze trail be prepared to go up ta rocky climb, pretty steep. There is a good portion of the trail that is straight up. Once at the application trail we went left. Hiked down to the view ( which was honestly amazing) once on the application trail super easy hike, but be prepared to sweat your butt off getting there. Overall great experience ! Going back to explorer more places we didn't get to here.

If you are looking for directions, type in game land Rd, Danielsville pa on your GPS system. once you pull onto the Rd from Mosier Rd or delps Rd, wherever you're coming from, take it until it becomes gravel. you will see no trespassing signs on literally all the trees. stay on this road, it will then turn from gravel to pavement again and you will see a sign pointing left to trailhead parking. when you reach the parking lot, they're 2 trails. take the blue blazed one! ascend until you make it the AT. turn left. keep going until you see a blue blazed sign saying view which will also be on your left. enjoy!

Saturday, November 07, 2015

The directions provided to parking lot are great. I thought this trail would be a little more challenging, it was easy to find but a little overgrown until you reach the AT. Beautiful hike. I found the view about a mile or so after reaching the AT going left. Took about 3 hours, cannot wait to do this one again and explore more of the AT.

Went hiking for quite a bit of time but gave up. Couldn't find overlook. Instead we saw 3 rattlesnakes. ..scart

Anyone know if dogs could easily maneuver this hike?

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