sadly no vista at the top. and there is quite a bit of broken glass, but overall it's a nice short hike. the rocks are a fun challenge. we had our border collie with us and it was tough through the rocky part, so it wouldn't be good for all dogs. we'll definitely come back here though.

I swear this was just rated a hard trail not moderate. Anyway, lovely trail but once you hit scaling across all the boulders you loose the trail markings they become very scarce. At the top are large boulders you have to climb up if you want to get to the overlook. It's was a nice short hike just keep an eye out for any markings you see further up the trail.

Was good trail but not good on the marking for the way to hike and get around. Only when going up the trail it had the blue markings. But going back Down the blue marks, yellow and orange were way off trail.

The trail was a little difficult for me, but I would do it again! I wore good sneakers and shorts. I recommend though wearing pants and hiking boots, so you don't get scraped on the big rocks. The rocks get bigger then cars, but it's a good hikr.

Beautiful trail.

Very nice trail. Challenging at the top. The rocks were slick due to the recent rain.

Really cool hike. Gets rocky near the top and would be difficult to get dogs/little kids all the way up.

Loved this trail. Short distance so you can conserve all your energy for playing on the rocks. Moderate hiking with rocks and obstacles. The boulder climbing at the end was really fun!

A nice small gem I will visit numerous times. Took my 12-year-old nephew and he loved it. Rocks, boulders, logs and strategy. Well it might be moderately difficult it is definitely doable for most ages because you can avoid most of the difficult areas if you choose to.

8 months ago

Super fun! Definitely a hard hike up boulders. I did most of it while carrying my smallish pooch in my one arm which was a work out for sure! lots of large rocks which can be slippery when wet or in snow. Still loved it, and the graffiti at the top is really cool.

I was hoping you'd be able to see lake nockamixon from the top, but you can't. still a fun experience! make sure to wear orange if it's hunting season! also while dogs can go, mine was very frightened by the boulders and had difficulty with them