Really cool hike. Gets rocky near the top and would be difficult to get dogs/little kids all the way up.

Loved this trail. Short distance so you can conserve all your energy for playing on the rocks. Moderate hiking with rocks and obstacles. The boulder climbing at the end was really fun!

A nice small gem I will visit numerous times. Took my 12-year-old nephew and he loved it. Rocks, boulders, logs and strategy. Well it might be moderately difficult it is definitely doable for most ages because you can avoid most of the difficult areas if you choose to.

5 months ago

Super fun! Definitely a hard hike up boulders. I did most of it while carrying my smallish pooch in my one arm which was a work out for sure! lots of large rocks which can be slippery when wet or in snow. Still loved it, and the graffiti at the top is really cool.

I was hoping you'd be able to see lake nockamixon from the top, but you can't. still a fun experience! make sure to wear orange if it's hunting season! also while dogs can go, mine was very frightened by the boulders and had difficulty with them

7 months ago

Fun hike it's really short tho, I wanted more after it was done. Don't believe the reviews about it being hard to follow, there are blue arrows everywhere and it's an out and back. You go up, then you go down. The rocks were super fun! Very technical and fun

Loved it! Climbing the boulders was hard, especially for our dog but really beautiful at the top.

Trail was nice until you get to major boulders. Then it's hard to navigate. Hard for a beginner like me. Got held up in the boulders trying to get out for quite some time. But nice view at the top of Lake Nockamixon. I had a good time. I wouldn't recommend taking very young children.

Beautiful scenery, very quiet, dog friendly. However, to say it's not marked well is an understatement. the initial trail from parking lot is so well defined, there's no need for blazes. But all of a sudden the defined trail peters off and you have no clue where you're going. the only marks I saw were spray painted trees with smiley faces or obscenities; no true blaze marks. Perhaps I missed something more obvious but we walked into at least 3 other groups wandering around in the woods too, so it can't be just us!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Fun hike, not located where it says on the map.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

maybe gets bad reviews cuz it's hard to follow and easy to get lost bust lots of good geocaches around here and also a bouldering area

Monday, February 29, 2016

Lots of people here with bad reviews, but I thought this hike was sweet! Not for the faint of heart though I guess. Trail head was easy to find. Not technically in Quakertown, but just take Rt 563 to a turn off on Top Rock Trail road. I usually take my dog with me, but glad I didn't. He would've had some trouble navigating the rocks, as you are hopping and bouldering when you get closer to the top. Trail isn't well marked at spots, but was easy enough to find my way up and then back down, even when off trail.. Cool discovery, I'd go again.