nice trail. would label it as easy not moderate.

1 month ago

Next part of the trail done. This section was from 501 to Seglock Road. We got to see Cannon Hill. Saw a man on a horse, other hikers and joggers as well. Pretty decent hike. Spring vegetation all over the place!

I did the first loop heading counter-clockwise. It's a nice moderate trail with a pretty good climb. But once I got to the gravel road (about 2 miles in) it's much less exciting. I never made it to the second loop.

I did come across a coyote in a clearing, watching me on the gravel trail.

The last mile back to the parking area is along a paved township road, this was a disappointment. But the first part was nice.

Most of this trail is part of the horseshoe trail also. This part is clearly marked. It is nice to see a trail with no litter, unlike other nearby trails.

Poorly mapped, but a great adventure!!

Beautiful trail! I followed the blue trail up the rocks and then it stopped at Camp Mack territory. Will have to go back and just follow the yellow trail.

4 months ago

Came here on a slightly rainy and foggy day. First time in the trail. We did two miles between routes 501 and 322, past Eagle Rock. The trail was very well marked but pretty rocky at times. Small waterfalls along the way.

6 months ago

Great scenic trail, only qualm is spotty marking. tried to follow blue blazes but they abruptly stop and start like 3 different times. Fortunately there were 2 bikers on the trail with experience who told me how to get back to Horseshoe trail and how to detour to Eagle Rock. Make sure you find Eagle Rock. It's off Horseshoe trail, marked on the AllTrails map, but there's little signage for it on the trail.

7 months ago

I like this trail. There isn’t anything dramatic about it, but it has fun surprises along the way. Eagle Rock is a cool look out on a clear day, the small waterfalls are a pretty surprise, along with the great rock formations and informal petting zoo behind the Pretzel Hut. I think it’s appropriate for hiking, dogs, trail running, and kids.

Good walking trail, although I assume there would be more bike activity in the summer so might be harder for walkers. Trail goes through Camp Mack, which was a boy scout camp - hard to tell if it's still in use.

Awesome trail, suggest doing the blue trail great climbing thru the rocks. Highly recommend!

on Horseshoe Trail

10 months ago

If you start at the Pretzel House, go through red gate to reach trail. Steady, moderate uphill to Eagle Rock. Very nice, wooded trail, easily marked.

10 months ago

10 months ago

Nicely challenging for trail running. There are lots of rocks so just be cautious of your footing.

I love this area. I've explored several trails in this area and the creek in multiple directions. This area is great for hiking and biking and there is plenty of parking.

11 months ago

We treated this as a choose your own adventure kind of day. Started at the horseshoe trail entrance then veered left and went up the big rocks following the blue blazes. Eventually we got near camp Mack territory and just hopped around on different trails slowly making our way back towards where we started. We did hit a steep incline through some tall grass around the halfway point and picked up some ticks. All in all, nice day and nice hike!

11 months ago

Had a scout camp and I wasn't sure if I could walk around it.

Beautiful in the rain and fog. Unfortunately, there was a stash of dirty magazines that I stumbled upon which were tucked behind a tree. They looked relatively clean which led me to believe they were left there recently. This combined with an suv parked along the road with doors and windows wide open (in the rain) was enough for me to suggest that hikers not attempt this section of trail alone like I did.

Other than the first two miles, the path we took is nothing exciting. I would recommend doing the initial climb and the rest of the hike through the woods after the parking lot at the top, then turning around and going back the way you came once you hit the atv trail. That's all it is the rest of the way…atv trail with lots of ticks. Good for distance and general exercise but nothing scenic and depending on the time of day you better bring sunscreen. Will not be returning to this one.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

not necessarily easy to find, but once you do, it's nice....go through the gate that's behind the restaurant....

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

This hike started out OK with a decent 0.9 mi climb up some single track to the ridge line ( a number of game cameras a located on this portion of the trail). From there you go along the ridge to a parking lot then take an old fire road through a nice glen to the next main section of the trail. That next section is a gravel ATV road that goes pretty much through the next lollipop. All in all a pretty bland hike, though a bland walk through the woods beats sitting in the house/office any day. This is a moderate hike at best (strenuous being Mt Tammany, Dunnefield Creek, AT loop at the Delaware Water Gap)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

love these trails

Monday, August 22, 2016

great trail

Friday, August 05, 2016

Only got one mile in (the person I went with couldn't handle it!). Will be going back, I want to make it to Eagle's rock.
Very rocky trail & lot's of bugs(as to be expected).
I followed the yellow trail.
TIP: Wear hiking shoes.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

It was OK. Really nothing more than moderate. The only challenge was the constant uphill from the beginning of the yellow trail. Terrain on the yellow is mediocre at best. When I neared the top I jumped over to the blue trail. Terrain was a bit better, but nothing extraordinary. As you near the end of the blue trails southward direction from the top there is a lock box on your left with notebooks and pens. People leaving messages and tips for the next to come across it. That was pretty interesting. All in all, it's like a regular walk in the woods

Monday, July 11, 2016

Parked at 322 and hiked about 2.4 miles to 501. Incentive at the end... Ice cream at the Pretzel Hut. A nice walk, about an hour or so with a little lookout about half way (at the top of the mountain is a little rock cluster called Eagle Rock).

Monday, July 04, 2016

Not well marked. We took a small trail off the main one. It crosses some pretty streams and we were well into a quite forest. Came to a T in the trail with no blaze. Went left and found our way out!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

We didn't go very far just about 1.75 miles in and then turned around. It was a nice afternoon hike and there was one nice small lookout near Eagle Rock.

It was a nice hike, still a lot to discover for the next time!

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Great trail, very quiet and a great climb!

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