Good mix on the South loop of boulders, hills and flat.

I was here on a rainy day but did the tower anyway and it was worth it. Saw a bird called a chukar partridge (which i had to look up, new to me) that was not afraid of humans and was just going for a walk as I was. I got like 10 feet away from it but it was quick on its feet and never flew.

I came to visit my friend in Lebanon with the family, nice weather today, definitely wanted to get out of the house, good place to break a sweat

Great place to hike with the dog or go mountain biking! Climb up the tower for a view of the valleys. Mountain biking is not really for beginners. Previous 1 star review should be removed because if you have some trail experience you can easily ride the entire loop without walking the bike! Beginner rail trail is located across or down the street depending where you park.

My wife, stepson and I did the entire 6.5 mile loop, including a stop at the tower; it was moderately difficult because we hadn't hiked in awhile, however the challenge was enjoyable and the weather was perfect.

5 months ago

Easy access and great trails for hiking. Kids loved it.

If you enjoy walking your bike often this is the trail for you. majority of trail is impassable while mounted on the bike due to high density of roots and loose rocks on the trail. This should not be listed as a bike trail. if it let me, i wouldn't even give it 1 star