1 month ago

Easy walk along the fire road- best bit was the last portion to the peak and view of the two rivers. Good with kids and dog.

2 months ago

I would recommend parking in the main lot when you first turn in if you're looking to maximize the time you spend getting there. Even with doing that, you'll probably only spend a total of 50-60 minutes walking to and from the spot.

To get to the view that you see in the pictures:

1. Keep following the gravel road, and eventually you will reach a part of the road that is like a large hill. You should be able to make out a house or two on your left at this point.

2. At this point, start keeping your eye out for a trail to your right. It will still be a short walk up the road, but it's coming up. The best way I can describe this is that it's the first trail you'll see with an upside triangle sticker on a tree that is indicating you cannot bike on the trail. (There is an identical sign on a path basically right across from where you need to go, so don't get confused.)

3. Once you make it on the path it's self-explanatory. It's only about a 10 minute walk to get to the view!

Take the gravel road back about 1.2 miles then there’s a trail on the right that takes you to the outlook. Trail is hard to find unless there’s cars parked outside it. Pretty view! Not too crowded.

3 months ago

Definitely a short hike. I parked in the state game lands lot on behrens road, the trail was just like everyone says, short, but worth it for the view. you have to keep an eye out for the yellow diamond marker on the tree indicating the trail for tank hollow.

Loved it! Was pretty easy to hike, and the view was so majestic!

Easy trail to walk, mostly flat, but not well marked. Glad we met someone who showed us the turnoff. View from the top is spectacular. We packed a lunch and sat on the rocks to enjoy the views.

Nice Trail to a Beautiful view overlooking the Lehigh River and Railroad, worth the look...

4 months ago

I love this hike. I've been living in Hawaii since 2014 and this was my 2nd hike since moving back to PA. For those of you who are looking to do it for your first time, if you're not an advanced or moderate hiker, through the first gate to the second. It will cut about a mile off the trail. Walk the path for about a mile until you see a tree on your right hand side with an arrow carved in it and a mud trail.... follow the trail. I took my lab with, enjoy IG @snapshot_ianw

Easy trail, turn off is easy to miss. View is spectacular.

This one gets 4-stars simply for the overlook. The hike is mostly pretty dull, the first two-thirds of it is on gravel access roads. But if you're looking for a quick little hike with a tremendous payout, this one is perfect for that.

This trail has one of the most beautiful lookouts I've ever been to. Even though the first 1.2 miles or so is just a gravel road, it's a nice little walk until you get to the woodsy part, which is a really nice trail. The view is absolutely unbelievable. Watch out for snakes basking in the sun though!

4 months ago

This trail is very hard to find. It's literally a deer path (mainly used by cyclists) with numerous trails branching off of it. It's impossible to know where to get on or which path it leads down. None of the trails in this area are marked. At one point the path disappears bc it's so overgrown. I had to use my GPS to navigate through the woods. I do not recommend hiking in this area unless you use some sort of navigation devise. It's easy to get lost and the area is huge. Also hunting is allowed in the game lands and there is no waterfall on this trail, just a stream.

4 months ago

A one trick pony but it's one hell of a trick with one of the best views I've seen in PA. Unfortunately if the gate is closed at the parking area 3/4 of this hike is spent on what seems like a never ending stone road and it's very boring to say the least, once turning on to the real trail is decent and pretty quick to the overlook. Rocks are angled here so be careful as a fall would be extremely bad. But it's amazing looking out over the s shape of the gorge seeing the rapid in the water, hearing the rafters below laughing.

Very nice

Great hike with a stellar view. Bunch snakes on the trail but well well worth it.

It's mostly like walking on a dirt road in the sun. The view at the end is decent IF you can find the turn off to find it (1.4 miles down the road. It's on the right with a small yellow triangle on a tree saying no biking.) Saw my first snake on a trail here so that was kind of cool.

Quick and easy hike with a great payoff at the end!

5 months ago

Easy to get there. Unless you be dumb like me and follow instructions from google! lol I got lost in the woods for 3 hours but did find the right way to go back. I also got to see a bear on my way out! Thank God I was leaving, if I had seen him while I was lost it would freak me out.
Amazing view and perfect place for meditation. Very quiet and peaceful.

The neighbours warned us about rattle snakes so we did not go

6 months ago

I almost hate to review this trail, as it seems to be a bit of a hidden gem! Most of the walk is along a gravel road then about a half mile on a well traveled wooded trail. Thanks to the other reviewers, the trail head was easy to find. (If it helps anyone, its 1.2 miles from the main gate on the right). My dog and I had the whole place to ourselves and it was so quiet and peaceful. Opens up to an incredible view of the Lehigh Gorge and lots of nice rocks to sit and appreciate your surroundings. It was worth the hour drive and I'll definitely go back!

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