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The trail was decent but there is a $10 admission, which should be listed on this app and with reviews. Pretty area but much better hiking trails in other areas that are free. Appalachian trail a mile away that connects to pinnacle.

15 days ago

We are in our early sixties and had no problem with this short and energizing hike of 4.75 miles. Plenty of rocks to climb over or leap across at the top too! Don’t recommend for older folks if your not used to this kind of hiking/climbing or have even the slightest balance problem.

Loved this hike! Was a lot more challenging than I was expecting....pleasant surprise! Definitely a moderate hike with some scrambling involved, so be prepared! All in all a great hike!

love love love!

Loved this trail! There was several points with some breath taking views. It involved a lot of moving around rocks and some climbing which I liked. Absolutely beautiful!

Great trail.... I will warn you though this trail is moderate to an avid hiker. It is definitely very challenging. And we did have to scale rocks to get to the top of the north lookout. We came in the opposite direction however meaning we started with the river of rocks trail and then climbed up the mountain to then climb up to the north lookout. All in all a very good hike.

Great hike! But for a better more rewarding challenge start by going down in the valley and then come so that you end on top of hawk mountain.

decent hike. the view at the end was well worth it. only seen 3 people on the whole trail. parking was shitty.

Day hike with my 14 YO son. Will be back for more. Rail yard is interesting. Great river walk.

rock climbing
7 months ago

Gorgeous. Nice challenge with an 8 year old in tow.

Nice mooring out. Trails and overlooks got crowded as morning went on. Appalachian overlook closed due to suspected Timber Rattler den under ledge.

Beautiful vistas, technically challenging, like 8.5 due to scrambling over all the rocks. A 6 in physical exertion. Wear good boots and long pants or capris. Loved the hike!

this is a really nice nature short walk up the lookout , great for kids, app trail also close by for more experienced hike

Labor Day Hike on the AT
Started out on Reservoir rd early (still space in main lot) and heading clockwise around reservoir and up to Pinnacle trail. Quiet early morning with little traffic.
Met two thru hikers on AT from Poland and hiked, talked with them up to Pinnacle rock.
Shared my lunch with them and observed two copperheads in the rocks.
Got a little twisted around trying to find the Valley Rim trail back down (behind large rock pile) and then fast hike down to Pulpit Rock and back to trail head.
Nice hike if you go early, was getting very busy after lunch.
Great day hike

One of my favorite sections of the AT in the area. This is a very rocky section, but if your definition of fun is getting on all fours to scramble across a rock field (The Knife's Edge) then this hike is for you. Definitely check out Bear Rocks. The climb is worth the panoramic views you get at the top. If you're camping out, I would highly recommend the campsite just beyond New Tripoli; just beyond the power lines when hiking south.

Trail map not drawn to scale. Lots of bugs today and a VERY noisy group of kids. We let them pass & waited quite a long time so that we could have a peaceful hike. Always a fun challenge here...❤ the rocks & views

First overnight solo hiking/camping overnight trip with dog. From Port Clinton to Rt.183. Saw a few hikers from Eagles Nest Shelter heading North to Port Clinton. Saw no one heading south? Had an awesome trip, should have packed lighter and had better equipment. First hill in Port Clinton was a good one. i would do it again.

If you do it right, Hawk Mountain is a lot of fun! Recommend taking the river of rocks to Golden Eagle - a good, steep challenge, then the skyline trail is where it really gets fun. Some great scrambling/bouldering takes you to the summit. Views at the top won't blow you away but the skyline trail is awesome.

9 months ago

This place is awesome. You can make it easy or hard and either way I do not think you will be disappointed. Check out my full write up along with some things to look out for.

Had a great day on Hawk Mountain with my grandchildren. The hike was absolutely wonderful and the views were fantastic. Good trails, easy going.

Hawk Mountain is one my favorite places to go. I have never completed the full loop, on this trip I intended to but it was much too humid and I sweat a lot. So I kept it simple with an out and back from south lookout to the majestic north lookout. This is a fairly simple straight forward hike most of it fairly level til you get closer to the north lookout and go up 100 or so feet rather quickly. First half is a nice dirt path but gets rocky quick.

If you like climbing over and up Rocks and boulders take The River Rocks Trail not the express route, and the Bald Eagle Trail to the North Lookout! South Lookout views were very beautiful as well and very easy to get to.

Really ended up doing the clockwise loop up the creek trail, to pinnacle trail to pulpit and out. 8.6 miles in retrospect I wish had done this counterclockwise as the energy needed at least for me, was severely lacking after coming down the rocky pulpit trail. Observatory was open and got to look at the sun with sun spots and solar flares, which was a nice bonus. Leading up to that the stretch from the pinnacle to pulpit shows why we are known as Rocksylvania. A great work out and trail but I wish I had done in reverse. Was there on a Sunday from 11:30 til about 4. Fair amount of people but it was ok just getting breathers to wait a bit to look out at the vistas. Low humidity day so vision was excellent. Could see a fuzzy block looking object in the direction of Allentown I'm assuming was PPL building, could clearly see I-78 going along side south mountain. In the distance beyond that I could swear I even saw the Delaware water gap. Was very mucky on the pinnacle trail portion today.

Did this with an 11 and 13 yr old - about 6 miles out and back. Nice trail, with a moderate climb out of Port Clinton - not too long or steep; no scrambling. Limited views in this first section, but where you see out, it's great.

A great hike. Our kids loved it.

saw 7 hawks today

Beautiful day hike!


Some parts were really hard! Very rocky at times, lots of scrambling. Great views! I suggest hiking east to west on the Skyline trail, going up the boulders, rather than down.

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