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Trail map not drawn to scale. Lots of bugs today and a VERY noisy group of kids. We let them pass & waited quite a long time so that we could have a peaceful hike. Always a fun challenge here...❤ the rocks & views

I was familiar with Hawk Mountain, particularly the short lookout hike and the River of Rocks trail. These trails are popular for school field trips. The lookout trail has a little bit of a climb, and the escarpment trail gives you some bouldering; the River of Rocks trail is scenic and a moderate hike. You could do these in sneakers, but after it rained I was slipping a bit in hiking boots!

This time I took River of Rocks to Golden Eagle to Skyline, and it ramped it up to difficult! I was nice and tired by the time I made the final push up to the end of Skyline at South Lookout. Lots of boulder scrambles on Skyline, and a good steady uphill climb on Golden Eagle. I encountered a couple of hawks while I was up on Skyline-- one launched itself into the air from five feet away, which was incredible.

The trails are well-marked, and there's a very clear and accurate map available at the visitor center. Very light traffic on Golden Eagle and Skyline (10am on a damp Saturday). Reasonable amount of parking. Worth paying for, in my opinion.

First overnight solo hiking/camping overnight trip with dog. From Port Clinton to Rt.183. Saw a few hikers from Eagles Nest Shelter heading North to Port Clinton. Saw no one heading south? Had an awesome trip, should have packed lighter and had better equipment. First hill in Port Clinton was a good one. i would do it again.

10 days ago

This is an incredible hike, easy 5 star. Their is a lot to experiance and you do not have to kill yourself to see some cool stuff. Check out my full write up along with directions and things to look out for.

Thoroughly enjoyed this hike.

If you do it right, Hawk Mountain is a lot of fun! Recommend taking the river of rocks to Golden Eagle - a good, steep challenge, then the skyline trail is where it really gets fun. Some great scrambling/bouldering takes you to the summit. Views at the top won't blow you away but the skyline trail is awesome.

19 days ago

This place is awesome. You can make it easy or hard and either way I do not think you will be disappointed. Check out my full write up along with some things to look out for.

I had requested the staff guide direct me to the most challenging route as the guide I had looked at only listed it as moderate. That obviously had not included the Skyline Trail. So assuming its a moderate trail, I set off on my 92 degree day having eaten only a 100 calorie yogurt and a 20 oz bottle of water for the day. Shame on me. Anyhow, I made the hike counter-clockwise, heading down to the River of Rocks first. After going around both rock formations, I then proceeded to just be in my zone and cruised right past my exit. So I added 2 miles by having to turn around and go back to the Golden Eagle Trail. Unlike me, you smart people will just make the first right onto the Golden Eagle Trail. This is about a long steep path that will slowly suck your will to live, and seems to go on for approximately 800 miles. Then when you get to the top, you will begin your travels on Skyline Trail. This will make you rethink everything you have ever thought you knew about life. All the rock formations that the guide warns you about, seem worse when you are doing them in reverse toward the end of your hike. The Skyline Trail is probably the toughest I have done in the PA/NJ area. That being said, it was awesome. Views are fantastic, the workout is first-rate, and the feeling of accomplishment is great. I would recommend this trail to everyone who is in decent physical shape, and likes a challenge. I would however recommend that unlike me, you do it well hydrated with a good meal of protein in the AM. Definitely do it though. Its the first time I was happy to pay for a trail. Well worth the day. Peace.

Had a great day on Hawk Mountain with my grandchildren. The hike was absolutely wonderful and the views were fantastic. Good trails, easy going.