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Loved this trail! There was several points with some breath taking views. It involved a lot of moving around rocks and some climbing which I liked. Absolutely beautiful!

This is a challenging trail with a vertical rock wall and several near vertical climbs. If that's in your skill set, it is worth it to do this loop.

Great trail.... I will warn you though this trail is moderate to an avid hiker. It is definitely very challenging. And we did have to scale rocks to get to the top of the north lookout. We came in the opposite direction however meaning we started with the river of rocks trail and then climbed up the mountain to then climb up to the north lookout. All in all a very good hike.

Great hike. Nine of us completed it as Charisse described 14 days ago. Had great views and it was a nice workout jumping from stone to stone and climbing steep walls on the Skyline trial. Trickiest was the River of Rocks trail since leaves covered loose stones making the descend slippery.

Great hike! But for a better more rewarding challenge start by going down in the valley and then come so that you end on top of hawk mountain.

decent hike. the view at the end was well worth it. only seen 3 people on the whole trail. parking was shitty.

Beautiful hike especially during the fall! Started around 6:30am with a view of the sunrise at the south mountain lookout then headed down the River of Rocks trail to the Golden Eagle trail then to the Skyline trail. It took ~ 3.5 hours to complete with stops to soak in the views along the Skyline trail. I would highly recommend this loop if you like to be off of the beaten path and venture from the more heavily trafficked trails!

This was a challenging yet very enjoyable trail. Lots of boulder and rock climbing. I would recommend gloves and definitely shoes with good tread. We actually crossed over the river of rocks and back because we didn’t see the red marker. LOL. However it added an extra workout. The leaves and weather were spectacular this past weekend and we did see some hawks. Definitely doing this trail again.

Day hike with my 14 YO son. Will be back for more. Rail yard is interesting. Great river walk.

A Fun challenging hike . You get the pay off view at the North Lookout. Parking is at the Hawk Mountain sanctuary

The “ Cliffs “ Are Very Challenbing. Trek Lightly!!!

If you’re in the area, this is a must!! Especially during the fall and at sunset. Beautiful!

My wife and I had been to Hawk Mtn. prior to us deciding that we would hike the entire loop. We are by far not accomplished hikers. I am 10mo. out from double knee replacement surgery and I can assure you that this hike really pushed me to my limits. We started at approximately 10am and started our counter clockwise loop taking the River of Rocks Trail to the Golden Eagle Trail. The grade from the river of rocks up to the top left me thinking that I must be paying for some past transgressions. We then started on the rock/boulder scrambling, hopping, climbing leg of our “hike” that I thought was someone’s very sick joke. After coming to that conclusion I found out that we were only 1/3 the way through our mountaineering 101 day from hell. Thought about just giving up quite a few times before we came the last demented obstacle on the Skyline Trail. The vertical 15-20 foot rock wall.!! After scaling this looming beast we finally had made it to the North look out. We were battered but not totally beaten we made our way back along Lookout Trail to the car at apprx. 2pm. We were a dusty sweaty mess but we did what we set out to do. On to the next adventure....

oh! It may be some time before setting out to conquer this loop again but we will be back!

Really liked this one! I went past Bear Rocks to Bake Oven Knob, which I recommend. Great views; in late September, when I went, it was lightly trafficked. Trail is extremely well-blazed as of 9/17.

question: where do you park? In the sanctuary or at the address listed here (1526 Hawk Mountain Drive)?

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4 months ago

Gorgeous. Nice challenge with an 8 year old in tow.

Nice mooring out. Trails and overlooks got crowded as morning went on. Appalachian overlook closed due to suspected Timber Rattler den under ledge.

Beautiful vistas, technically challenging, like 8.5 due to scrambling over all the rocks. A 6 in physical exertion. Wear good boots and long pants or capris. Loved the hike!

Take the Pulpit Rock route if you can, harder but much better and more rewarding

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