For me it began easy then became moderate and finished as strenuous near the top. Well marked.

Easy trail, nice overview of the valley on a sunny day.

Nice Trail for a quick day hike!

Does not exist. This trail is not here as of July 2017.

Good trail. Did it today with a group. We started on Bernheisel Bridge Road so it was about 7.5 miles round trip. Would do it again

Just hiked it for the first time! Great trail, lookout is good would be even better if the leaves were down. If it rained recently watch out, path looks like it could easily get mucky. They do have boards and traction around though. Good hike! Lots of fun.

The trail between Bernheisel Bridge Road and the Cumberland Overlook is maintained quite well. The hike is a fairly gentle switchback most of the way up and gets steep near the end. The mountainside faces south and can get warm. We managed to see a black snake today and the air temp was only 60F.