Otter Creek is a favorite hiking destination. However, the flooding from late August this year was absolutely devastating. The flood waters carried houses away and the creek is now filled with debris - including parts of houses, automobiles, fridges, etc. The damage to the trees along the shore was dramatic. The section of trail the goes right along the river was completely re-shaped and washed out dozens of hemlocks - some sections under Urey are closed. I recommend not hiking there until 2019 when some clean-up has been done.

beautiful trails. definitely hiking here again

Great trail. I was very impressed on how well the trail was marked.

Amazing trail and views.

Second time I did it. liked it better the 2nd time.

Great loop. Spend good amount of time near creek, which is always my favorite. Old logging road going up from campground will get your heart rate up. Good views, not heavily trafficked although it was March.

The directions given are accurate. Great views and the last leg is the best hiking, right next to a creek with lots of evergreens. The logging road at campground is a work out (up) but it's worth it. You will spend time on an old road and a asphalt road for all you hardcore peeps but I don't mind, plenty to look at. Great healthy stream and more blazed trails I didn't get on yet (white) I'll be back!

This is a nice trail. We didn’t complete the full loop we took a wrong turn and ended up on another trail and then doubled back. Could’ve been all the snow, but nonetheless the trail was still quite serene. Would love to try it again in spring or summer time.

Monday, October 23, 2017

My dog and I went twice this past weekend, parked at Urey Overlook both times (which was kind of a pain; the teeny spaces were always full since it was so gorgeous); we didn't make it the entire 6 mile loop but it was still a nice hike from the Overlook! The first day we ended up doing a very short loop just by following the large trail (single blue mark). The second day we went farther but still not all the way around. The trails get narrow in places, and the mountain is definitely steep enough to get your heart rate up! Overall a gorgeous hike.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Our favorite! Creek is beautiful and low traffic on trail.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Very nice trail. We need to come back earlier in the day so we can finish the entire 6.1 miles before dark.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Great trail with all types of easy terrain. Had my son on my back the entire time. Beautiful views. Great directions in the write up.

Great trail, did not seem heavily used. Some parts of the trail were a little overgrown, but very beautiful. Saw fawns and a turtle on the path. Ended with a great view of the Susquehanna

3 months ago

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