1 month ago

My buddy and I did this trail in a day and a half over memorial day weekend at a leisurely pace! Following just the orange blazes this trail will clock in at just a little over 26 miles! We thought 21 miles when we set out but it is actually 26! Awesome trail! Elevation changes were very few and mild! The map at the trailhead is useless! I got lucky and downloaded a map that I felt was correct and it worked for me! Also this trail is extremely easy to follow as I believe they just freshly painted the orange blazes which you can't go more than 100yds without picking up a blaze they are everywhere! There where lots of ticks on the north loop but seemed to mellow out on the south loop! There were times you would think your walking up a creek in above ankle water but don't worry that's just the Pinchot trail! I had a blast and a smile on my face the whole time!