This trail was a 27mile hike from beginning to end. My buddy and I did it clockwise, and found that the hills were very arduous. A good trail with low traffic, good campsites and plenty of water opportunities. However, the trail runs directly through a swamp around 100m across in the last 3 miles. Some areas were not well blazed (labelled). All around a good hike, but I don't intend to do it again.

Took my two sons for their first time. Tough climbs, great campsites, sufficient water supply, all around good trail. Great experience. Will be back, again and again.

2 years ago

This trail is awesome! I grew up in Renovo, but I didn't start hiking it until I moved. Now I live in AK and I try to hike sections of the CKT every time I'm back east.

I've completed this trail three times. Two of them with snow (3-10 inches) and one in the spring. Every time we hiked it we went counter-clockwise. The last time was in the spring of 2011 and the trail was in dire need of maintenance. There were multiple places with severe blow down. We camp our first night at Cranberry Run. It is a great campsite under pine trees and next to a stream. The second night we spent it at the dry campsite after Pete's Run road. This is a very strenuous hike. Be sure to check out the small water fall in the last hollow after you cross 144.

Good trail. Lots and lots off rocks. nice camp stops

nice hike, completed almost both loops. 4 nites. Rocks on top of rocks. Saw my first fox. Cranberry swamp was cool. the colors in the fall were amazing.