Nice trail with a fairly significant steady incline for the first 2 miles. Nice shade with rest area and flowing water too. Enjoy!

Fun challenging hike. Pretty rocky spots that make it difficult enough to be fun but not too hard. I wouldn't try it on a bike.

trail running
18 days ago

It was a great hike! Although it wasn't as difficult as the description said it'd be.

Close by, beautiful trails.

This place is GORGEOUS! If I have only know it was here for years. Took the orange trail and the beginning looked like a rainforest with the Rodale Run. Nice and easy hike but so much to look at...a Wonder in the middle of emmaus.

Great trail and loved the hike up the orange trail and into the blue followed by some red. The kids even enjoyed the hike. It was perfect for our first hike.

I didn't go as far back as this trail says, but I did the loop. It is a fun, beautiful trail. You do need to be okay hiking uphill for a while, but I like that it's rocky and not completely smooth...which can be difficult for some people. the view isn't the best though, in spring trees block your way to seeing the other side of the gap