It's a really scenic hike with enough rocky and narrow parts to make it challenging in a fun way. There isn't a ton of things to look at, but there's a few large rocks about halfway thought that are fun to climb or at least sit on for a break. There's also a stream with a wooden bridge over which I found kind of neat. The markings were easy to follow despite the orange trail crossing paths with other trails.

Love this trail although be careful as the connecting winter trail shows up incorrectly on the app. We go totally lost for hours in the heat with no food or water left. It was a bad situation but than goodness we found our way back to the trail and met up with some awesome hikers that gave us water! Never leave the trails my friends!!!!

The orange trail was nice and well marked, however, I got off track when trying to do the red and blue trails. Luckily getting lost is certainly not a matter or life and death since you are in the middle of a city! I came upon route 309 and I knew I was off track and back tracked my way back to the orange trail. Still a great afternoon and I will return to figure out the other trails another day.