rock climbing
11 days ago

Very quick but very neat grafittied large boulders to climb which made it fun. In the winter you have a great view of the valley since no leaves block the view.

Went jogging with snow covered on the ground, it was a bit muddy and damp at the lower portions. It was fun with the quick inclines and declines on the Orange trail. Very refreshing and easy to follow markings.

This is my favorite hike in the Lehigh Valley. It's a 7 mile loop that starts with about a 1 mile long climb. Once at the top I usually go past the first Blue Blaze and then take the 2nd blue Blaze which will you take you along the ridge of the mountain. You will hike along the ridge for about 1.5 miles with a continuous view which is awesome. The trail will head back down the mountain past the AT shelter. Back down the same trail you initially climbed which is steep rocky.

26 days ago

Quality trails friendly people. Nice views in winter. If you only hike the orange trail it's 2 miles. Add other loops to increase​ distance. Recorded track looks like hikers added Red Loop.

Didn't find much trail but some cool boulders

loved this trail. took the rocks up for awhile. Rough. My 11 year old daughter did great. She loved the views. Found a special spot where someone made an area to relax, lay down and just be in solitude.
I'm going back there alone.

Started at the Alpine street entrance and took the orange trail to the blue trail, blue to the red, and then red back to the orange trail. We logged about 4 miles total. There wasn't too much elevation gain. It took us approximately 2 hours. Overall, it was a very nice hike.

Love this trail at least do it once a month beautiful scenery.

1 month ago

2 months ago

Enjoyable narrow ranged switchbacks and mountain terrain

Very fair hike up with a great atmosphere and view up top.