Very nice trail, and easy to moderate hike. The orange loop was only 1.7 miles as indicated by the map at the site. The trail was well maintained, got into some deep woods, even seeing a wood thrush on her nest not far from the trail. Only downsides were you could hear a shooting range nearby, and consistent highway sounds, if that's the sort of thing that bothers you. At mid morning on a Saturday we ran into several people, but the trail was by no means crowded. Google maps first took us to a residential street as a place to park (talked to a resident who said that gets annoying), but there's a convenient parking lot at the end of Alpine street.

Very steep heading up but once you get to the North Trail it levels out just in time for the views. Well worth it. Woodpecker Trail to North Trail then Appalachian Trail back to Woodpecker put us somewhere just over 5 miles.

trail running
18 days ago

Excellent trail. Heavily wooded, a really fun place to run. Pretty easy to follow the courses, some of the forks should be marked better but I found the way without having to double back. There are some obstacles on the path, manageable rocks and tree trunks to run over, but that is exactly what I am looking for in a more technical trial run.

not well marked or maintained. fallen trees blocking the paths.

Fun little trail. Did it two days in a row for a walk with the pup. Lower portion is narrow and slightly overgrown (not horrible though) and the back elevated portion is wider and more open. Neat to see the large boulder outcropping. Didn’t venture back the red or blue trails but will next time. Pup loved the spring fed stream. Nice to have a quick little loop trail so close to home.

we really enjoyed our hike here!!

Took the woodpecker trail to the AT then took the north trail on the way back. A stunning variation of plants and wildlife there. This trail is fairly easy and very fun.

The north and south scenic trails made it worthwhile. The views are great on the north side. The south trail is basically a mile of boulder hopping. A great adventure if you have the right shoes! The AT sections were fairly meh. I thought all of it was marked pretty well.

Brought my dog and had a lot of fun. There's a disc golf course there, so we walked the trail from basket to basket. There weren't many players, so we weren't in anyone's way; if it was busier it probably wouldn't have been great. But the trails are pretty and the drainage is good-- not much mud even after a rainstorm.

Great time with the family. The only trail we could not figure out was the orange trail return loop. Good trail to get the legs warmed up.

One of the more strenuous trails I've hiked, with the gain being somewhere around 900 feet / mile. The trails coming off the AT - particularly the North Trail - are not the best marked, but when you find them you will be blown away by the views!

Took North and South scenic trails, which are more difficult and have a lot of sun exposure. The AT sections were easier and had coverage. Great loop. Wear sunscreen and a hat!

Had a great time with my husband on a beautiful day!❤️

Steep climb to the AT 3 trails to take to different spots loop back or stay on the AT towards Germanville

It was so pretty! My friend and I drove up here to take some photos and it was raining. I definitely don't recommend wearing shoes you like if it's wet outside on this trail, the entire lower half of the path turns to mud.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Great trail! Close to my house so I can ride my bike there and back. It’s great fun for avid mountain bikers or any hiker. Lots of rocky features and smaller jumps and drops. From the bottom it starts easier and gets more difficult the higher up you get. Overall lots of fun, great practice, technical climbs and fun fast descends.

It was tough to do and an awesome challenge. But take the “scenic route” that is an off shoot of it. It adds a little bit of distance but walks along the open side of the mountain.

Very poorly marked. Entrance and Trail are unmarked. After we were off the trail for about 150 ft, I checked the App and GPS. We were unable to relocate the trail so we just wandered through the wood for about 45 minutes then headed back to the car. Nice scenery. Oh and deer we saw some deer but while we were off the trail.

Views in the winter are much better, especially with snow providing a contrasting backdrop.

6 months ago

Hike straight out about 200 yards between and under 2-3 transmission towers till you come to an impressive size boulder...unfortunately covered with unimpressive graffiti. Then move on to another park.

We did the Appalachian trail and Blue trail loop. Great day hike with views on blue trail

Hiked this trail today for the first time. Spent about 3 hours. Started at the Alpine street park. it's a nice size lot holding maybe 18 cars, but by the time I returned it was full and several cars had to park on the street. From parking lot hiked orange to blue, to yellow looping back to blue (to walk a section previously hiked) to red (follows the ridge back) and brings to just above the popular large boulder formation where you pick up orange again to return you to the lot. Very well blazed besides a few head scratching sections near the power lines. A mix of mostly hikers with a few mountain bikers.

Great hike, though I'd call it an intermediate following the regular trail— only if one takes the south trail loop (as shown in map) does it become a difficult trail, with lots of seriously fun but occasionally treacherous rock scrambling. Great views at certain spots, there's a spring about one mile from the trailhead. Overall, a pretty decent day hike, even in late November.

Solid hike with my dog. Beautiful weather and some nice views. Just a few other hikers on the trail. Peaceful.

This was a great trail/hike! The fall colors were beautiful, huge rock formations, uphills, downhills, small creek crossings, and several more connecting trails to explore. My dogs and I will come back again for sure!

Very technical mountain bike trails. Built by local riders for hikers and riders. Lots of great rock features and most fallen trees are left in place. Can ride up to 12 miles if you can find the tunnel under Interstate 78 and include the Cistern Park trail system.

First 1/2 mile is steady uphill but well worth it! Lots of snakes today (6 that we laid eyes on) but the views were spectacular! Trails are exceptionally well maintained and marked. Huge thank you to those who recently weed whacked the trails!

Amazing views! Favorite hike.

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