This trail was perfect for a day hike! Great scenery and waterfalls!! I did find some liter scattered about though, not much just some cans and bottles.

One of my favorites, so much variety of scenery.

Well marked trails. Very scenic. Nice combination of forestry, river and waterfalls...

awesome hike today. 2.9 miles

good trail awesome views of the falls dogs were well-behaved on trail little slippery would definitely recommend it

Excellent short but technical hike. Exceptional scenery and the trail is very well maintained. The section that was hit by a tornado was so interesting looking. Bring a pair of keens for swimming in the tubs.

Hiked the whole loop with my wife and son about two years ago. I loved it. parking area was a bit of a dump though. you'll have to get past that to see this gorgeous trail!

Beautiful place and so much fun! You can even swim in some of the “tubs” which was pretty cool.


Awesome trail . Teenage daughters enjoyed it as well .

great hike

love the water falls

something for everyone.

Followed the yellow loop. A nice relatively easy trail. Was a bit wet from the rain so wear tevas or boots. Tons of places to hop in the water along the way. The back portion was a little over grown but they have cleared the area where the tornado was so the trail is cleared there.

really pretty views following the stream. storm damage at top was mind blowing, how many large trees ripped out of the ground. lots of people swimming. glad we detoured on our way home! will definitely be back again!

Most enjoyable and a very easy hike

2 months ago

My first time here today with my two dogs. We parked in the lot, crossed over the bridge and took the yellow trail to the left. Beautiful views of the creek, falls and tubs. It was rainy, wet and slippery today. A nice peaceful 20-30 min hike. Trail seemed to end so we turned around. Hiked back to the start where the bridge is and continued downward on the yellow trail which paralleled the creek. Really pretty, peaceful, shaded hike. I will go back again to explore more of the trails.

Just a gorgeous spot even on one of the busiest days of the year. The way the stream has cut through the rock and the tubs and falls it's created are spectacular. Water was icy cold! Where good walking shoes or hiking boots unless you're only going to the tub closest to the parking lot. Will definitely be going back.

Great trail to hike. Running is a little dicey due to the rocks and roots but not too bad.
Large number of very old trees downed by the tornado at the top of the trail. Forestry has cleaned the paths. Devastation by the tornado was impressive.

Great hike. BUT - the TORNADO that went through Wilkes Barre took out a bunch of trees—making the
Trail impassible. We did it but had to go over and
Under trees — crossing the creek - going
Off trail. AllTrails kept us
From getting lost

3 months ago

One of the most unique places in the area.

3 months ago

I just walked the whole
trail Its the best so far

Good hike.

Nice trail. Cool sites. Got a little lost but it was fun

4 months ago

Clearly marked trails with a great view! Wear some shoes with traction bc the rocks get slippery! I wish it was a longer trail.

Great views! Perfect for a quick afternoon hike. Trail is fairly well marked. A couple slippery spots on wet rocks but overall an easy hike.

Beautiful waterfalls, and river views. The more you walk into the forest the better it gets. Definitely wear shoes with traction, because of slippery damp rocks.

Beautiful trail loop that is well marked!

Very pleasant experience. Though I do not understand why DCNR locked up the gate (apparently all winter) and put up no parking signs on the entrance since when you call the DCNR office they instruct you to park there anyway during the winter and to walk past the gate to get it.

8 months ago

very nice, followed the yellow/blue trail. a little icy

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