4 days ago

Finding the trail markers was a bit difficult at times but that made the adventure more fun. Loved the scenic view from the train tracks.

Very scenic hike. We weren’t able to see all the Tibs as part of trail was close down but we did enjoy our hike!

Absolutely a must see

Loved it! Every step of the way is so beautiful! Fall colors and a fun little trail on the water.

Currently being renovated, new steps and reworking the water flow. And I see why, some spots are extremely slippery. Did a number on my knee here.

Great morning walk today. Some spots are super slippery. Some beautiful spots along the creek. All in all a nice easy trail. Just watch for rocks and tree roots that are ankle twisters. They are doing some work at the top by the power lines, but the trail continues even though it appears to end, just look around.

Excellent hike! Breathtaking views all around and the place truly felt magical. Easy hike too. Will definitely be returning in the very very near future

Great trail with so much to see. It was an easy hike, with not too many steep inclines, rocky areas, or slippery slopes. I brought my seven year old son and he was able to hike the whole thing without any trouble. There are many small waterfalls, beautiful wild flowers, natural tubs, and great views along this trail. I was very pleased with this hike, and will absolutely be visiting here again. We went after a week of rain so the trail was slightly muddy, but it made the falls and tubs even more enjoyable!

1 month ago

Great park with lots to see beyond waterfalls. Check out my write up which includes directions and things to look out for.


Easy and beautiful! I hate all the graffiti and trash though