These are really easy trails, but they end up making for a nice long walk. The overhead trees really shade the pathways so although it was 90 today, it didn't feel like it.

I 100% DO NOT recommend this trail if you have dogs who have long coats. I have a shepherd/husky mix and spent longer after the hike than we did hiking pulling off small thorns and spike-ball bush things (clearly I'm not a botanist).

mountain biking
3 months ago

So muddy. Will go back for a hike to find that waterfall tho

Difficulty finding entrance to trail ......asked people in park and nobody knew.......once I found entrance Sign was off......just empty post Found map and sign at bottom of hill to trail.....but hiked with my dog a few miles liked and will be go back......shame wasted alot of time looking for trail.

love the trail but this has been one of the most confusing trail to navigate. There are barely any signs especially on intersections and midway through, the color code on the trees disappears. The maps doesn't seem to coordinate with the trail in certain areas. we basically had to second guess and walk the purple back and forth until we took an unmarked trail and finally after stopping some hikers we were able to get back to the green loop.

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