The trail was so muddy and had been ridden through by pedal bikers. Total beat up the ground. My kids were covered in mud and the bugs were ridiculous due to the dampness and humidity

Another good walking/jogging trail in this park. This one also joins up with several other trails and can be a bit confusing because the blazes are a strange. Really no way to get truly lost or be forced to walk any longer than you originally set out to do.

trail running
2 months ago

Nice casual trail for a walking/jogging, or a short mountain bike ride. Not sure its quite 1.8 miles, but its very hard to tell where the trail goes after it leaves the woods near the tennis courts. If you are walking with small kids, I'd keep any eye on them for the first few hundred feet from the trailhead as you go down hill -- there are lots of exposed tree roots that anyone could easily trip on if they were careless or took a misstep.

I found navigation a little frustrating. I ended up starting at the Tee Pee Loop Sign which actually seemed to be the blue line based on spray paint on the trees. We followed it to the perpendicular crossing with purple line. Then doubled back about 75 yards and dropped down on what I believe was green line. Ran into the waterfall and there is a pic nic bench there. Would be great to pack a lunch to. Then tried to follow the green line back toward the tee pee trail head. But about 150 yards down stream of the waterfall (beside the old rusty vehicle frame) the trails get pretty messy with no clear indication of how to continue on the green line. Maybe someone that goes there often could take some green paint down to that area for newbies to the area.

Super easy for beginners but the blazes were either non existent or difficult to find. There are four trails on this location so it can be confusing if you're not familiar with this area. The waterfall was nice and there's a bench to rest at.

Pretty easy hike and a pleasant get away from the city. Some great playgrounds and picnic areas around for those who like duh things.

Great trail. Gets a little confusing with no blazes down in the valley, but look around enough you can find where your going. Ill be back to do the other trails in the area

Great trail, with plenty of canopy coverage. It's hard to believe you're just 15 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. I took the green trail with a few little detours that added up to 2.9mi. The waterfall is small, but a nice place to cool off.

There are some places where the blazes are confusing, but the journey is fun.

Fun hike. Easy for the kids. Path was not very clearly marked at points but we made it and had fun!

The trails were moderately difficult and it's so worth it to see the waterfall but it is so poorly labeled for directions it makes it almost not worth it. Don't even bother going to the park office for the map because the map doesn't even have half of the pavilions and trails labeled. Very confusing!