Ryerson Station State Park is in Greene County in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania, near the West Virginia border. The 1,164-acre park features the 62-acre Ronald J. Duke Lake that is named in memory of a former manager of Ryerson Station State Park. The lake is currently drawn down for dam safety issues.

The trails were alright, but just alright. There weren't any spectacular views and the lake was kinda pathetic. Nice place to get out and maybe go for a run but if your looking for a place to take in some scenery or go fishing, look elsewhere

Remote, rustic park with many more trails than just the route shown here. The hills in this area are only about 400 feet tall, but they are quite steep. The west loop on the map shown above is the Lazear Trail; it leads to a nice overlook of the lake. The east loop is the Pine Box Trail and leads to an old cemetery. Many of the trails are grassy and may not have been mown recently, so come expecting some tall grass. Also, mud can be a nuisance if it has rained recently. Overall, a nice hike if you know what you are getting into.