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Did this a few summers ago. Great views, and great bears crossing the trail.

Clearly marked red blazed trail. Easy walk , until you come to where the trail takes you up the mountain to the Vistas. Sign says it's a 1 km hike up, I didn't track it, but, although not a long distance, it was a work out. It is a steep and fairly rocky climb to the top. Definitely wear proper footwear. Once to the top, you will be rewarded by beautiful views and it's WELL worth the climb. Wish, we would have had more time to continue along the trail past the throne room! However, I wouldn't rate the climb to the Vista as easy, but rather moderate- hard.

trail running
1 month ago

As of the time I write this review, the map shown above is incorrect. You can reach Tussey Mountain trail via Lonberger Path, which is a beautiful little hike/run in and of itself. Lonberger *does* connect to Kettle (other reviews notwithstanding) which provides a nice, relatively short but steep and intense segment between Lonberger and the relatively flat Tussey Mountain ridge trail. I've only ever run Tussey Mountain trail as an out and back, it's beautiful, Rocky but eminently runnable, which makes it one of the more fun and interesting running trails around. Total distance from the parking area to the beer tap via Lonberger and Kettle is close to 5.5 miles, making the whole out and back close to 11 miles. There's a trailhead for the Tussey Mountain trail with parking further up Bear Meadows Road, just beyond North Meadows Road and just before Treaster Kettle Road and the parking area for Bear Meadows Natural Area. The ascent to the ridge top is reasonable and interesting. Love this trail, and you probably will too, regardless of how you get to it. Enjoy!

2 months ago

great area.

Great awesome kickass trail, we took the left side heading up the valley and took Jaunt trail to the top of the ridge and caught the scenic vista of Beaver Stadium down the left side if trail once u hit the top. We then doubled back to the ridge trail and went all the way to the top of Bald Knob and had an awesome view of central PA!

3 months ago

nice, short hike intercepting a hawks watch along the way. we ended at “sausser’s pile” which is a fascinating pile of rocks plummeting down the mountain. the trail is rocky so good shoes are helpful. the trail head was a bit obscure... still not sure if we started at the correct one. the hike and sausser’s pile was well worth the drive up here.

Seriously beautiful and not a difficult climb at all. Steady incline with great views.

You might breath very minty air near and around the strip for electrical power lines and tower.

Nice trail. The beginning was a tough incline but it mellowed out. Good hike for a Sunday afternoon.

No blazes ... relatively easy to follow trail ... cool little loop that takes you along some rock scrambles on the spine of the ridge ...

5 months ago

This trail is extremely over grown. There is no trail, it's all bush whacking. There is no trail, just trees and mud. Do NOT come here for a casual hike, you'll need to invest some good day light

Very nice hike with great uphill stretch to start, nice segment of mountain ridge trail and then a gradual descent trail to save your knees and close the loop. Did the whole loop on a nice Sunday afternoon and didn't see a single other hiker.

The steps at the beginning provide great cardio. There are a few spots for good views of you peek out between the dense foliage. Perfect distance for me for an after work hike.

8 months ago

I hiked this trail out to where it hit the mid state trail, hiked it back on the mid state trail , beautiful views!

We tried to access the Tussey Mountain trail from the Kettle trail, which doesn't exist... so word to the wise, try and get onto it another way, Shingle trail is open. Out and back on the Tussey Mountain ridge had incredible views and an unbelievable amount of blueberry bushes. We will be back when they're ripe to eat along the hike. It was moderately strenuous, just due to the length, once you get to the ridge it's flat, easy walking. Beer tap was cool, but sadly, no beer was flowing.

One of my favorite trail running loops! Deer Path is a great climb!

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Very difficult at the start of the hike basically go straight up the steps. Levels off at the very top and is a fairly easy hike from there. The views are worth braving the steps

on Jackson Trail

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Extremely rocky trail but really nice views on both sides of the trail. Pretty flat and easy.

This is a short climb... but it is just that, a climb. This is just a tiny section to the now 80 mile standing stone trail. At the top you will come to a sign that has the throne room spur at .2 miles but that's debatable. Either way, I recommend doing this just for the amazing views where you can see Williamsburg fire tower on a clear day and also the 1000 steps. Be aware on a summer day, you will be joining the timber rattlers around the viewing area. My last warm trip up I encountered two about 20 feet from the overlook.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

We did the entire loop, 3.9 miles. The first mile (steps) is straight up the mountain, a really steep incline, it doesn't level off any until the top. It's a long hard mile, but the views at the top are beautiful. When you get up there follow the trail to the left and it is a fairly level hike with views along the way. The best view is where Pennsylvania Furnace meets the Pump House Road! It's not an easy hike and I'd definitely recommend proper footwear.

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