Wonderful trail well maintained and easy to navigate. Many things to see during the hike and beautiful views all throughout. Three different trails to choose from.

Definitely a great and rewarding challenge as parts can be very steep. Path is pretty narrow. If you want to good workout pick this.
Not someplace I would go alone in case you get hurt because it can be very secluded and most of the areas.

6 months ago

Great trail just short

first timer, fun quick hike with the dog

My daughter & I loved the trail.

This is a really great series of trails.

Short trail but nice

Fun trail

1 year ago

Easy start with some hills to add a little mlde

3 years ago

While not a difficult trail for experienced hikers, Robin Hill did provide a few steep hills. Scenic and well kept, the multiple sub-trails provided a quick hike. The restored log cabin at the start was a bonus.