19 days ago

This is fantastic for families - it's a short walk combined with rock exploring and hammering. What fun for kids.

The only downside is that the rocks are hard for 3 and under to maneuver by themselves and the actual walking trail has a lot of poison ivy so you have to be really mindful of your kids wandering around the greenery. Bring an ergo or kid backpack if your kid is 2 or under. If you have an older kid, have them carry their own snack and hammer and water because they will wander all over those rocks far and away from you.

Go early in the day and enjoy the place to yourself. The rocks definitely seem more magical when it's just you and the rocks. Later in the day on the weekend it is super busy and then it's just loud hammering. :(

28 days ago

NOT EASY- unless you are young or fit. If walker walking across rocks you have to have balance and ability to adjust your footing. We had a blast during our 90 minute adventure.

1 month ago

1 month ago

it was fun and very beautiful

2 months ago

3 months ago

Waterfalls were better than the rock garden! Our hammer wasn't much fun but climbing on large graffiti'ed boulders and crossing waterfalls definitely saved this trip ;)

4 months ago

scenic. noisy. wet.

5 months ago

Although the waterfall was dry it was still a good hike, but a little difficult to stay on the correct path. Always a nice place to explore!

6 months ago

This is a one of a kind place!! It was so cool to listen to the sounds of the rocks! The hiking trail around the rocks was good but short. I'm sure the waterfall is more amazing in the springtime.

Spectacular if there's enough rain recently for a decent waterfall. Recommend bringing some good gripping shoes and gripping gloves for rock scrambling. Not for those with a terror of snakes, which occasionally scamper off.

River was completely dry. Rocks really rang with different sounds depending on which rock you hit. Pretty cool place!

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9 months ago