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I hike and/or run this trail often. Great when you don’t have time for a long trek. The hill is challenging and the creek is beautiful.

25 days ago

Great trail, very peaceful on this Easter Saturday. I wouldn’t really call it a loop more an in and out trail except for small loop at one end.

Nice trail, however stay away right now because they are deforesting sections of the trail because of a problem with emerald ash trees. There were no signs to let me know so I was walking through deep mud tracks from large vehicles and in front way off trail trying to get around all the down trees in the way. It was a hassle and very unpleasant. I'm not sure when it will be completed (I hiked this on March 6, 2018).

Closed!!! Drove all the way here just to find no access because of tree removal! Bummer!

I am on the fence about rating this trail a 5. Wish we could give half points. This amazing 2.25 mile trail takes you through everything you want. Its a loop, flats overlooking the babbling creek. One steep section with ~100 feet of elevation that plateaus to allow you to stretch out. A picnic table about a third of the way right where you want it. Only reason why not a five is because there isn’t a vista panoramic view to top it off. Sorry Hawk Mountain has set a high standard. Visited the trail in February and am going to return during every season. Was able to hike the trail in just over an hour with a group of 12 including young Cub Scouts.

I love this path along the creek. This trail is hilly so I recommend bringing water with you. This is one of my favorite hikes but be prepared for the steep hill.

2 months ago

"It's a trap, It's a trap lol " Be careful , lots of detours and cut trees making it easy to lose trail. Crosses often with white & yellow trails.
Overall great sights, streams and views.

Great short hike - some water, only minor elevation / a few ducks - great way to spend a little time connecting to the earth.

This is our go-to trail when we need to get out of the City. We've hiked it countless times in all sorts of weather. It's a gem!

Probably my favorite trail at RCSP, not well traveled since the trailhead is accessible only via Gradyville Road. The lower part follows Ridley Creek and is very scenic. I hiked clockwise around the loop and finished in under 40 minutes, including taking photos. Upper portion is hilly but manageable. I wore heavy goretex hikers and hiked on wet leaves. Hiking poles for us balanced challenged folks are recommended.

Nice moderate trail which is peaceful and quite. Lower section goes by the river and upper part is up on the hill next to it.

6 months ago

Thought I might have my work cut out for me but I was pleasantly surprised that the blue trail wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. Took a day off hike the whole thing there and back starting at the Picnic Area #9 trailhead. Really cool old farmhouse and barn ruins just off of the trail near picnic area 16. Gave myself 4 hours but was finished in under 2. The areas just as you leave Picnic area 9 are hilly but doable. Really not much of a challenge for me after that (I'm 59 and in reasonably good shape). The actual "loop" part at the south end is essentially flat. I hiked in wet leaves after a storm the day before and was fine in heavy hikers. Dry conditions would require only sneakers or light hikers. Older folks with balance issues like me should consider a hiking stick.

6 months ago

For my experience level (duffer) and fitness level (super chubby), I love Ridley State Park. A bunch of different trails and all clearly marked. Great hike.

Great day to hike the yellow trail in my favorite PA State Park.

Pretty quick loop missing many of the bigger hills in the park

This has been a favorite park for 15 years. The main loop is an easy walk and good for running and biking. It can get a bit busy on weekends and parking isn't always easy.

My default trail in the area, and a good one for all seasons. By starting a little bit up Chapel Hill Red, entire loop can be calculated at 5.0 miles (4.3 for path + 0.35 to start + 0.35 to parking spot on Chapel Hill Rd). Sticking with the 'right' side of the break presents you with a steady incline for appx 3.0 mi. Fairly crowded on weekends, but still worth the walk

8 months ago

8 months ago

Good for a run.
A little swampy in the summer. Might be better to come back in fall or winter when the foliage is thinner.

Good for kids

Fine. Not many people on trail

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10 months ago

Multi-Use Trail - Great place to run long runs with amazing views of the creek.

Gets better and better each year.

10 months ago

Lovely trail with a creek view toward the beginning. there are a couple of sections where you may question where to turn but you'll be fine as long as you stay on the trail. I especially love that there's a bathroom available halfway through the hike because I like to hydrate.

It was a nice, quiet hike. More hilly than I expected. A few of the climbs were steep enough to have me bent over to maintain balance, which was fun. Started on the yellow and got lost early on, ending on the white trail.

Bring bug spray! Yellow, white, and blue trails are all narrow dirt paths.

RCSP Yellow goes from park office parking lot to pavilion #17. Yellow definitely has its hills but not as rigorous as other trails. The SE flat section is filled with tall pines, that are very relaxing. The part inside the multi-use trail is the most difficult for climbing, for this trail. The part near the mansion connects to a normally un-mapped (except for alltrails.com) small paved trail that forms an oval close to the mansion garden. Near the park office, where Yellow parallels the multi-use trail, this section is used as a toilet by joggers on the multi-use. I have seen countless puddles (not after rain) & wads of browned tissue thrown along this section. It is disgusting.

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11 months ago

MULTI-USE TRAIL - The most popular trail at Ridley Creek State Park is the Multi-Use Trail. It is a more or less circular paved road (most is Sycamore Mills Rd), covering 4.3 miles total. It is accessible by a gravel path from the lower mansion parking lot, but most easily accessed directly from the Barren Rd lot, where the dam is. It is called multi-use b/c it is for walkers, strollers, dogs, bikes, rollerblades, etc. (Lots of stroller-jogging.) This trail is closed to vehicle traffic (except residents & rangers). If this is your first trip, I recommend this trail. It allows scenic views, combined w/a taste of the creek, the woods, a cornfield, black walnut tree grove around mile 2, views of resident homes & ruins, & a steep hill climb (if you walk the circle clockwise). This will familiarize you with the park, & show you the access points to most of the colored woods trails, to choose one for a later visit. This trail can get busy on weekends especially in fair weather. Barren Rd parking gets horrible at times, but the mansion lot is bigger. One aggressive retired resident has assigned herself to police the Multi-Use Trail on foot (w/aggressive senior friends) & they will yell at you if you don't walk on the side they think you should walk on.

Great park for everyone!

Monday, April 03, 2017

Good challenging trail with hills, scenery and of course, Ridley Creek.

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Friday, March 24, 2017


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