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Hiked Ricketts for my 4th time Tuesday. Parked at the lot on 118 and caught the Falls Trail there. Lot has ample paved parking and restrooms. Picture a balloon on a string and, beginning the hike here is beginning at the bottom of the string. If you drove to the main entrance and did the circular shape of the balloon only ,starting at the top, you’d miss seeing 3 of the 21 Falls. Those three are along the “string” of the balloon. We wanted to see them all so, we began at the Route 118 Falls Trail. Where the string meets the balloon you have a choice of going clockwise around the balloon or counter clockwise. We chose to go clockwise as we remember how steep and wet those rocks were to walk down from the main lot last time. Choosing to go clockwise means walking UP the muddy, wet incline. Much easier and less slippery that way. Once at the top of the balloon, the walk back down the other side is drier and less steep. That’s a much easier return walk. You’ll know when you’ve reached the bottom of the balloon because there’s a large bridge and map of the falls stating “ you are here.” This is the point you choose clockwise or counter clockwise.
The hike itself is vigorous at times and you’ll appreciate the switchbacks as a way to catch your breath. You’ll probably have to stop a handful of times just to catch your breath. You’ll want to stop and view/photograph the falls.
The park supposedly doesn’t allow people in the water at any of the falls but, we saw several families with children dressed in bathing suits who seemed to have every intention of swimming. Wear your bathing suit to hike and maybe a second pair of shoes if it’s hot. You may wanna cool off.

Bring water and something to snack on. Also, the bugs were out, including mosquitos on this day ( thunderstorms the night before) so, bug spray helps.

Love this hike. Hope this helps.

This is a great hike. Be ready for the steps up, then down or in reverse order. We took our time, starting at Rt 118 lot, it was well marked out and we finished just in about 4 hours. A Tuesday day trip did not have the foot traffic we were warned about, we started at noon. It's not for you if you want a leisurely stroll or you don't do steps well.

Best hike ever! I imagine heaven looks very similar to the falls trail.

on Ricketts Glen Falls

6 days ago

Beautiful trail, high traffic.The fall are gorgeous.
Watch your footing, and wear sturdy footwear.

Went on a Friday, parked at lake Jean and did loop. Absolutely stunning. Not many on trail.. This is one of my favorite pa hikes

All in all a good hike. Some amazing falls without the crowds of Rickets Glenn. We did an over night from Saturday to Sunday and only saw two other groups the whole time.

The gps took us to a parking spot on Grassy Hollow road, which left us about a mile short of the actual trail head. We walked to the start of the trail head on Jemerson City rd, and hiked about 4 miles to the water falls (Twin Falls, and another one, not sure if that’s Big Falls or Lewis). The trail is very lightly traveled and not well marked, but, it was dry and not rocky so that was a plus.

After we got to the falls (which were beautiful), we camped. The next morning we ended up making a loop instead of walking back. We walked on Grassy Hollow rd back to the car, so it actually worked out better that way.

This hike was beautiful. The waterfalls were stunning.. very very high traffic, which would be the only complaint I could come up with. There were a lot of small children and dogs, but that’s because you can park at base of mountain and walk to a fall that is very close. I would not advise bringing children or dogs on the full hike. Some spots were very dangerous.. and extremely slippery when wet. Mind your footing.. and if people behind you are on your tail.. let them pass (go at the speed you feel most comfortable). It’s important to pay attention because a fall could be very bad. I would suggest starting hike at mountain base that way going back is easier since it’s down hill. I made the mistake of starting at the top of the mountain and then when I reached the bottom... realizing I had to do everything over again, on an incline!! That was very exhausting. Enjoy this beautiful place and stay safe.

My favorite HARD trail! Beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls, old growth forests, steep steps, narrow muddy trails and stone features.

Lives up to the hype. It is an incredible hike. We went on a Tuesday and Wednesday,both days very few people.We start in the parking lot on RT 118 and headed up counter clockwise on the loop.Seemed to work out well for us. Everything is clearly marked,paths were clear but as everyone else has said "wear a comfortable shoe" .Will be returning in the fall.

Went about a month ago and got there around 9:30am. There was just a hand full of people but it gradually got busier as the day went on. It is a great hike and the waterfalls are a amazing bonus. lol steep in some places but it didn't bother me. Wear hiking shoes because of slippery spots. I took my time and even ate my lunch at the bigger fall. I would do it again. I did the loop and even hiked another trail that was right there.

Super fantastic place to hike and for photography! Many different waterfalls and stone work! Use the public restroom at the trailhead before hike. Wear shoes that fit well, comfortable, and have good tread.

This is a super excellent trail. With a different entrance to the loop, you can select the appropriate length for your trip. If you start from the main parking lot as we did, you can spend the first half of your trip gaining elevation and end your trail heading back down.
I would rate the loop portion moderate-difficult because of the slippery rocks (the trail is always wet because of the proximity of the streams and falls) and also because some of the stairs are a bit steep. Get an earlyish start to avoid the crowds that appear midday.

20 days ago

Loved every step of it and it wasn’t that crowded either. Very relaxing.

Well maintained and sign-posted trail, lovely waterfalls, path as advertised, definitely agree with the need for good footwear.

This is the best trail we’ve ever done!!!

Beautiful trail! Perfect when it's really hot (yesterday was in the 80s) and the trail is mostly shaded and you also get a lot of cool mist off the waterfalls along the trail side so it didn't seem overly hot. Beautiful views. It is heavily trafficked with people and four legged friends.

Amazing trail. Our family had a blast! The falls were beautiful. Definitely a challenging trail.

26 days ago

This was a nice easy warm up hike! We also do geocaching and there was a couple that we wanted to get!

Waterfall Overfload. No shortage of beautiful scenery!! I think I spent more time stopping to look at the falls which were around every run. You can easily access the largest waterfall by parking in the Lake lot and entering the train to your Right. You can do a quick out and back and get to see the largest of the falls. If you enter to your left you will encounter the larger falls towards the end. Either way you enter, it will be a constant and sometimes steep descent until you get about halfway through then it starts a constant and sometimes steep ascent. For us, it took a little over four hours to get there but it was so worth the drive. If you stand at the.

Not often have I done such a short and simple hike with such spectacular sights. I bid you go. See the wonders in waterfall form.

I must have been there the time as reviewer Emily Goss below. Lots of water, excellent hike. DCNR has a gem here.

loved this trail! real easy to do walked it with 2 dogs no problem it has some great views. went after a good rain so the falls has some good flow so the trails were wet but that's to be expected

Perfect after a few days of rain! The falls were rushing and it was a nice challenge.

1 month ago

Done this hike many times, it is the best hike in PA.

Very beautiful,we cost three hours walking this trail.

This is a beautiful hike. Definitely more moderate than hard. There are so many waterfalls! Only thing is even on an unseasonably cold, cloudy, and a little drizzly/snowy day the trail was fairly crowded.

the waterfalls are beautiful and this hike is a must if you love waterfalls! I added in the old beaver damn loop for an extra 4.5 miles and for some seclusion (there's nothing special to see in this loop, but it was very nice and quiet) the only down side to this hike is the falls trails get very busy

One if my fav local trails. Love the falls!

They should rename this trail and call it, "The Stairmaster" cause that's exactly what it is!

If you live nearby you must do this hike! The falls are stunning! The trail is well maintained, and while there are a few steep parts, there are stairs the entire way up. Because of that, would rate this as easy to moderate. We took our dogs. The only downside was that everyone on the trail had their dogs out too. Took us about 3 hours. It was a lovely afternoon outing. Can’t wait to come back this summer.

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