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Ricketts Glen harbors Glens Natural Area, a National Natural Landmark. Take the Falls Trail and explore the Glens, which boasts a series of wild, free-flowing waterfalls, each cascading through rock-strewn clefts in this ancient hillside. The 94-foot Ganoga Falls is the highest of 22 named waterfalls. Old growth timber and diverse wildlife add to the scenic area. Ricketts Glen State Park is one of the most scenic areas in Pennsylvania. This large park is comprised of 13,050 acres in Luzerne, Sullivan and Columbia counties.

2 days ago

A delightfully informative trail. Perfect for everyone. Some steep steps at first. Beautiful view of Adams falls.

heavily packed on weekends.

This is one of my favorite hikes that I’ve ever done!! It’s amazing to see so many waterfalls in one day! Each big & beautiful! Easy trail. Don’t miss the little red lizards!

This is one of my favorite hikes! It is very crowded during the summer because people swim at the base of the falls, but the trails are never overpacked. The rocks can get very slippery so you need to wear shoes with good traction. The views are incredible every step of the way!

This was such an amazing hike that I came back 2 days later and hiked the loop again. A must see for everyone.

Great hike! By top the prettiest waterfalls I’ve seen in the area. I would definitely do it again. The trail is wet and slippery with many steps so wear hiking boots but worth every step. Do the hike after some rain so much better.

13 days ago

There may not be a single better trail in Pennsylvania.

Wear good footwear, waterproof and good traction on wet and slippery stone. Even if it is a dry day the spray from the waterfalls, and the smaller streams that feed the main one will make the stone wet. Most of the steps are simply cut into the stone. Far more sturdy than wood and mud, but can be slippery.

Most of the hike is in a valley, keep this in mind when picking a start time, the sun will "set" early.

Wind from the valley will make it seem much colder that it is in the surrounding area.

Great trail with great views. Whole family enjoyed the hike.

26 days ago

I love it here

on Ricketts Glen Falls

26 days ago

Love it here

Great hike with lots of steps. Recommend hiking boots as it was wet throughout the trail.

Great hike. One of the best in Pennsylvania I would have to agree. Went the full loop and saw all the falls. Definitely will come back and do it again.

Even though it is kind of a tough loop. I had not hiked in a long while and was able to make it through it without too much pain. Very important to have good hiking shoes because the trail is quite rocky and wet.

rock climbing
1 month ago

Been there almost annually for past 5 years in January. Crampons and ice gear a MUST in Winter

solid little trail

Amazing! Beautiful natural waterfalls.

beautiful hike

beautiful! was expecting one fall and a short hike .. 6 miles later and about 30 falls later! so cool.

Beautiful trail starting from top with a moderate effort going back up.

Beautiful trail. Completed this and the falls loop. Go see the falls, they are pretty gnarley.

An amazing place every Pennsylvanian should hike. Such a gem, and we are so lucky to have this place in PA. The waterfalls are all beautiful and breathtaking. I loved every minute we were there. Swam in a couple holes and waterfalls which was refreshing. Very busy when I was there. The hike is hard at times and can be dangerous if not prepared. I completed the whole loop...was about 9 miles total, but worth it! Make sure you wear boots there. I saw several people almost die because they had the wrong footwear.

A little crowded but with this kind of scenery it’s to be expected. If you’re a fan of waterfalls you got to do this hike. It is a photographers dream.

didn't really know what to expect when the hubby and I decided to hike this trail. honestly we thought it was going to be a dud with a bunch of small waterfalls. we were completely wrong. this loop was awesome! took some amazing photos and had a lovely relaxing afternoon. in total it took about 4 hours, but we took our time and soaked in the beauty. we went on a Thursday morning. the trail was rather quiet we maybe came across 6 to 10 other groups. I cant wait to explore this trail again next year when we are back in pa!

1 month ago

This was an amazing hike with beautiful waterfalls. We were even able to climb under a few and feel the cascading mountain water. Great trail for the family and our dog.

My absolute favorite trail. i've been going to Ricketts since I was a little boy on school trips. getting a little crowded for my liking, but definitely a must see trail.

I can’t imagine a more scenic waterfall hike! You can easily cut this hike in half and spend time at night each fall soaking in the beauty. The west side from Mohawk to Erie and back can be done in a few hours.

Beautiful old growth forest and great waterfalls, if you'd like to avoid crowds on weekends you'd have to go out very early, as for difficulty it's lower end moderate imo , it's basically steep stairways.

Absolutely beautiful!! Gave us a good work out and our dog loved it!

Great hike! Falls are beautiful. Fantastic hike.

1 month ago

Finally got to hike the falls loop trail! The waterfalls were spectacular.

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