The park lies in a cozy, steep-walled gorge carved by Rauchtown Run through the side of Nippenose Mountain. A northern hardwood forest blankets the bottomland along this spring-fed stream. Talus (rock) covered slopes and interesting rock formations are interspersed among a stunted oak forest growing on the steep mountainsides and ridges. This pretty valley is especially beautiful when the mountain laurel blooms in late June and during the fall foliage of early October. The 215,000-acre Tiadaghton State Forest nearly surrounds Ravensburg State Parks 78 acres. The state forest has hunting, fishing and wildlife watching. A short drive away is Bald Eagle State Forest and the Mt. Logan and Rosecrans Bog natural areas.

Awesome trail, with some beautiful views.

Thousand Step trail requires some scrambling, overall not too difficult. once you reach the top it's smooth sailing until you get to the MST, which leads back down to the pavilions. steep ascent and steep descent but it's worth it. completed in an hour

1 month ago