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About 3,000 acres in size, Promised Land State Park is on the Pocono Plateau, 1,800 feet above sea level, and is surrounded by 12,464 acres of Pennsylvanias Delaware State Forest, including natural areas. The forests of the park consist primarily of beech, oak, maple and hemlock trees. Two lakes and several small streams add to the parks outstanding scenic beauty.

Prettier as the sun began to lower in the sky.

1 month ago

Very scenic, easy hike. Take your camera, beautiful mini falls.

2 months ago

The trail is secluded, blueberries line the east side of the lake. Wear pant as the trails are overgrown. West side is horrible and not cared for. Chest high vegetation for approx 0.75 miles. Looks like a deer path. I plan to take time next year and try to clean it up myself as state park staff can not do it.

Completed Bruce lake in August 17' The hike was pretty lax and beautiful on the way to the lake. You pass through a cool rhododendron forest half way there. Once starting the loop around the lake you'll notice the trail only comes close the the lake with views at the apex, otherwise it's 100 to 200 yards from the banks. The reason for the three stars is for the condition of the trail. Over grown with blue berry bushes on the east side that come up waist high... annoying but doable. The west side was so bad you felt like you weren't even on a trail for approx 1 whole mile. Overgrown brush up to your chest/neck. You just have to push through it.

I'm going up next year and taking a machete to hack back the overgrowth. I highly recommend anybody taking this trail wear pants and take a machete. If everyone helps out a little it could be a great 4-5 star path. I found out it's managed by the state forestry department and they just don't have the time or volunteers to keep it in top shape.

3 months ago

3 months ago

Beautiful hike on a hot day. But having just rained the day before, the rocky trails were slippery. Better to stay on the north side of the creek , drier and not as muddy, to get to the trail - from the parking lot ( on the hill above the pond) turn right before you cross the bridge below the dam . My dogs loved the many spots they could walk into the cool pools of water in the creek. Oh and bring your camera!

Did Egypt Meadow trail with my two kids and wife. Kids are 7 and 5. Beautiful hike. Some nice views of the lake when there was clearing from the trees. Took almost 2 hours. Stopped for a little snack.

Pretty trail, but poorly marked along the leg that takes you back to the lake. So really only the loop part along the creek is worth following.

We agree with others that trail is definitely overgrown in some areas around the lake, so pants are a good idea. The blueberries along the whole lake trail are delicious.

4 months ago

Walked this trail as morning exercise. Nice views of the damn, stream and of little falls