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Hanks trail is 1.69 miles. Nice quick little loop.

Multiple trails, lots of hills, dog friendly.

Large park with many trails but they are meandering and fairly boring. Decent for mountain biking though

Friday, August 11, 2017

Paths are narrow and seem to be meant for just mountain bikers. Wear a bright shirt if you're hiking so that bikers see you. Still a beautiful hike with signs marking the types of trees.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

I hiked outer loop of trails, beginning with Hank's trail, then to the Cheeky Chipmunk (Hemlock) trail, then to the Brian Palmer (Hornbeam) trail, then to the White Oak Trail, then to the Red Maple trail, and back to Hank's trail.

This was an AWESOME trail. I loved it!!

Trails are well marked, you will not get lost. There are markers naming many of the varieties of trees, and occasional benches on the trail.

On Hank's trail the bird songs were AWESOME! As good as that room in the National Aviary on the North Side, just with local birds.

There were also butterflies and damselflies often.

More information and printable trail maps at and

There are some nettles and poison ivy near side of trail, and on portions of Hank's trail there is the possibility of ticks. This is something I don't care about, but if you don't know what poison ivy looks like or you don't know when to check for ticks... learn first!

Some portions were slick and muddy when I went, unsuitable for trail running.

There is a bike repair station at the trailhead, which is cool.

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Monday, July 03, 2017

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