You will find parking at the base of the trailhead. There is also a large map that shows you all of the different loops within the trail. this is worth review if it's your first time. As another post states you are going to feel like you are trespassing onto private property until you reach the trail head but you are not. The trails are marked but sometimes you can get confused on what direction you should go. We took a wrong turn into a stripping pit. There is great cell phone service so we just used our all trails map to get us back to where we wanted to be. A few parts of the hike are steep and the ground was pretty loose but overall a good hike.

good place to look at river also

Very enjoyable hike, but i would not consider this an easy one. It is at least a moderate trail. there is actually four trails, we did the brown one and saw 2 porcupines.

Beginning of course hard to find because signs point "to trail" but you also feel like you're trespassing due to signs saying you're on camera....don't worry, this is start of trail. We followed the brown loop and markers started off alright until we got to culm bank. It looks like it either routes you left or right of the bank, but in fact you have to go around right of bank but not all the way and look down the hill and you will see brown markers again....basically the bank is placed dead center on the trail....we got confused for awhile and rerouted several times until we found it. Rest of the course was well marked. Very enjoyable and not super rocky terrain, but it was a decent amount of climbing. Should not be considered "easy" intermediate hiker can handle this fine.

7 months ago

Great hike today. Half way point we encountered half a dozen bear (moma 3-4 cubs & another solo bear just a lil further). Also saw 2 pork u pines as well. Mother bear was huge. Def be safe walkin out there. Saw signs ahead a time tho (bear prints). Def many beer cans and trash as well on the trail.

Although my bro and i only hiked out to around 4.5 miles on the Loop Trail (green blaze), the scenery at the top of the mountain was worth the 1000 feet of elevation. We set up camp (hammocks) at around 900 feet, between what looked like an old coal mine entrance. Even though we didn't see the whole trail, i would still give it a moderate rating for its steep ascents and rocky terrain.

7 months ago

Good trail for the beginning backpacker like us. Did the whole Pinchot Trail AUG 25-27 201. Parked at the north loop parking area and started hiking CCW at 5 pm on Friday AUG 25 and got to the Painter's Creek camp at 7:45, 5.5 miles total. Ate Wawa hoagies that night and went to sleep. Got up the next day and hiked 15 miles including a side trip to the Pine Hill observation tower to the very south end camp near Phelps Road (?). Then finished the last 7 miles on Sunday morning with a early lunch stop at Stone Tower which is a pile of rocks. Nice camps and easy trail from the up/down perspective. However, this is a relatively challenging trail for other reasons: (1) many rocky sections that require deft footwork and good footwear and (2) swampy sections that can get ugly. We all wore real hiking boots are were happy that we did. Probably will not come back to this exact hike considering there are so many other trails in the region and this was pretty boring overall. Again, this is a good backpack trip to dial-in your backpacking systems and get used to putting some miles in.

Many different ways to do this area. Link loops, you can make this as challenging or as easy as you want. We choose the uphill battle always! This is one of our favorite trails. Many oddities along the way. Grab a top map before you go.

9 months ago

I followed the loop going counter clock-wise. The trail was very narrow and overgrown for about half of it. Navigating was a tad difficult at times Once you get past choke creek, things start to open up a lot more. Campsites are very plentiful. You'll run into at least one every 10 - 30 minutes or so; especially on the creek. The scenery changed quite a bit from dense forest to flower and fern fields. Elevation change was minimal. If the trail wasn't this overgrown, I'd give this maybe a 4 out of 5.

I've uploaded a screenshot of my loop, it's a much nicer easier walk.

Easy trail, still a bit of tornado damage blocking some paths, loads of stuff to explore and tough to get lost.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Great hike with very little difficulty. The only problems were we just kind of had to make our own trail and there was random trash at the look out point. We could not find the path.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Beautiful overlooks

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Yeah I agree with the majority, its not a bad trail at all, short, easily accessible and some fresh mountain springs to drink from, and a nice view at the end. There are no real frills however, and the area has some littered areas here and there but the best thing I think about this spot is you more than likely will have it all to yourself regardless of what time of year you visit or what day of the week. Wish you could uploead photos on here....

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

very nice walk in the woods but couldn't find the overlook in the pictures shown

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The initial climb (meaning half the trail) can be a bit strenuous at times but you are rewarded with a great view and camping spot at the top.

mountain biking
Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Beautiful views! lots of uphill for a great workout then levels off to going downhill. Took the brown trail. 6 miles.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Awesome trail! Just found this very close to home and hiked from the green to the blue and then down the brown back to the car. Very well marked trails. It was a pretty intense climb up to the top and the view was amazing. Definitely returning, so so much to see out there.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Trail is mostly used for ATVs. Some broken glass and beer cans on trail. I've been there a few times and haven't ran into any other hikers. It does have a wonderful view when you get to the top off the hill.

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